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Massage Marketing Tools For Developing Your Successful Massage Business...

Massage Marketing know-how is vital in starting a building a successful massage business. In the massage industry massage therapy jobs and massage therapy employment opportunities are rare. As a result massage therapists are faced with the prospect of starting a massage business of their own and in effect, creating a massage job for themselves.

Unfortunately, when it comes to marketing massage, schools typically don't provide you with all the valuable massage business information you need. And as a result, most professionals struggle trying to get enough clients to sustain a profitable massage business. Their income is up and down like a roller coaster.

And although most massage therapists are satisfied with their current massage jobs, the financial struggle is draining. Instead of being a source of fulfillment, their massage business becomes a source of frustration and disappointment.

That's sad because it doesn't have to be the case. Any massage therapist can have a successful, thriving and profitable practice...

...and that includes you!

You are a talented professional with excellent hands-on skills. I know you really care about your clients and that you have the ability to really make a difference in people's lives. But you need to have strong massage marketing skills to attract clients so they can benefit from your work.

At BodyworkBiz you'll discover that marketing massage is not that difficult. The massage business information and resources you need for starting a massage business and filling your massage practice are all right here at your fingertips.

Our job here at BodyworkBiz is to help you make your dream practice a reality!

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Just Starting Your Massage Business

If you are just starting out or find yourself struggling in your practice, then you need to head directly to the 60 Clients in 60 Days e-course. This program will dramatically transform your practice. Hear about some of the results.

Need Massage Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Massage Business

When you are ready to move your massage business to the next level be sure to sign up for the Fill Your Practice 101 program that will teach you how to develop as strategic approach to building your massage practice and introduce you to the myriad ways of marketing massage practices.

Massage Business Cards, Gift Certificates for a Professional Image

Project a professional image with personalized massage business cards, gift certificates, magnets and massage postcards - all designed specifically for massage therapists and affordable for even those just starting a massage business.

Massage Websites, Massage Newsletters and Other Practice Building Tools

  • And there is so much more available to help you create the massage practice - and the lifestyle - you've always dreamed of
  • Create your own Massage Website to extend your reach and pull more clients into your practice
  • Get your hands on Massage Newsletters that you can personalize at the touch of a button and hand out to your clients so they can really appreciate the value of your work
  • Get the knowledge and materials you need to Teach Your Own Massage Workshops
  • Learn Chair Massage Marketing so you can expand your services into the corporate world and develop a chair massage business Help your clients on a deeper level with special Stretch and Strength booklets
  • And so much more!

Go through the Site Map to discover the incredible range of massage business and massage marketing resources available to help you create a successful massage business.