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Create a Profitable Chair Massage Business...

chair massage marketing 101

Don't even think about starting a chair massage business until you've taken Marketing Chair Massage 101.

Definitely the most comprehensive, most practical course ever offered in creating a successful chair massage business.

You can have great fun and make some great money doing chair massage, but starting and growing your chair massage business can be extremely difficult, not to mention costly, if you don't have this essential knowledge about creating, developing, marketing, and operating a successful chair massage practice.

Get on the fast track to having a soul-satisfying and profitable chair massage practice. Avoid the frustrating mistakes and uncertainty that most chair massage practitioners go through in getting their massage business started. You'll save tons of money, tons of time and you'll spare yourself the headache you would have gotten from banging your head against the wall.


"It's only little things at the moment, but the impact has been huge. Not just that my work has increased by about 20% in the space of 6 weeks with just these little changes in place, (although that is great on its own) what has impacted me more is the way I feel different. Less stressed, happier, more confident and more motivated!!"

Katherine Morgan
Essex, United Kingdom

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Learn the Success Secrets...

The course encapsulates the success secrets of some of North America's most successful chair massage professionals and will ensure that you develop a thriving and profitable chair massage business.

This online course looks at every possible facet of starting and running a chair massage business. One bite-sized lesson will be sent to your inbox every day for 101 days - that's about five months! It's like having the BodyworkBiz team in your office every morning cheering you on and giving you specific and proven action steps to take your chair massage business where you want to go. If you want to accelerate your progress, it's no sweat. You'll have access to all the daily lessons so you can jump ahead and focus on just the areas that are most needed and most relevant to you at this particular time.

You'll never be alone. You will have access to a private bulletin board where you can have your most pressing questions answered by the other participants as well as the experienced program facilitators. We will schedule occasional teleconference calls to discuss specific issues, answer your questions and to keep you on track. If you can't make the call, it's not a problem. We'll have the calls transcribed and post them on the site for your reference.

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101 Simple Steps

The 101 action steps will take you exactly where you want to go. Here's a quick summary of various segments of the course:

Why chair massage?
Don't underestimate the power of a backrub in growing both the massage industry but also your practice. Find out why you must absolutely consider adding chair massage to your current practice.

Getting started
Everything you need to know about getting started. Reviews of training programs, books, videos, and massage chairs. Purchase the wrong massage chair and you can easily waste your money. Don't do it. Read the reviews first.

Choosing your market
Find out why you must choose your customers instead of having them choose you and why limiting the people, groups or businesses you work with is the only sensible thing to do. We'll examine your personality and interests to find the clients that are perfect for you.

Selling chair massage - an overview
Selling is one of the greatest fears, whether in a private practice or on the road with on-site massage. Learn to make selling totally stress free... really!

Throughout the program you'll be introduced to literally dozens of successful chair massage professionals and hear their stories. You'll learn from these people who have been in the trenches. They learned their lessons the hard way so you don't have to. No theoretical mumbo-jumbo here - this is real life.

Getting into the corporate market
Saying that you want to work in corporations is like saying you want to work with humans. Find out why and how to laser focus your efforts for maximum success. Discover why you should never actually sell massage and learn a simple way to find out what you really are selling. And don't tell us you can't sell. Even the daftest can sell with our simple "stupid selling" process.

Reaching your prospects
Learn the in's and out's of reaching people to use your services. We'll take 19 days to detail the range of options available and point you towards the most effective marketing activities.

Making the sale
Here's a step-by-step approach of holding a successful sales meeting with your prospect. Find out how to get past the "send me information" game and make the appointment. Learn how to hit their hot buttons, overcome common objections and close the sale. We'll also give you tips for negotiating the best deal for yourself and ensuring you get paid what you're worth. Lastly, we'll outline how to easily create contracts.

Growing the relationship
Learn how to ensure that the job is a success. You'll find dozens of how to's and tips for making the job run smoothly and guaranteeing ongoing work.

Retail chair massage
Discover that "retail" doesn't mean "store" and why 80% of chair professionals are actually doing retail massage. You'll learn how to price your services, set up your space for maximum traffic, keep yourself busy, fill downtime and how to easily add other income streams to your business.

If you need more details on the course content, here's the Table of Contents. It's an exceptional experience, guaranteed to bring you the success you're looking for.


One of my biggest obstacles was asking for repeat business, but with the help of the course's ideas and different approaches, I not only ask my clients to rebook (and they usually all do!) but I have also upgraded these clients from a 15-minute chair massage to a full one-hour relaxation massage.

JoAnne Waters
Guelph, Ontario

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Here's the best news. The full cost of training/access is only $99. Five months of incredible breakthrough ideas and motivation for about the cost of a couple of massages. . You get:

The proven 101-step action plan
Detailed lessons sent daily to your inbox
Scheduled teleconference calls
Written transcripts of the teleconference calls for future reference
Valuable links and online reference materials
Access to a participant only bulletin board where you can have all your questions answered
Access to a private website with all these resources for one full year

It's an incredible value and is backed by our Double Your Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Lessons are delivered via email, and can also be viewed at your convenience in the password protected area of this web site.

Remember that you are always protected by our incredible Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose. If you find that the course doesn't pay for itself over and over again, let us know and we'll gladly refund the purchase price. Work the program for at least a year and if it still doesn't get you results, we'll double your money back!

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