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Marketing Chair Massage 101 Day Program Results

Here are some of the results participants have reported after taking the Chair Massage Marketing 101 e-course at BodyworkBiz. (Click here to go back to the sales page)

"I have a contract for two schools..."

"I just moved to a new city about two months ago so I had to build a practice from the ground up and not really knowing anybody from around here I knew I was facing a difficult task of trying to build my business. I purchased The Marketing Chair Massage course (at a really cheap price) hoping it would help me. And boy has it helped, especially the case studies and finding your target market. I have a contract for two schools, two local YMCA's and a senior living community and I'm just on Day 43 of the program. Thanks to this program I can make a nice living doing something that I really love to do!"

Dale Fields
Houston, Texas


"The answers I need..."

"One of the best benefits of the marketing your chair program was unexpected. In addition to the sound and useable advice that the program presents, its daily arrival keeps me focused on my goals. Starting a new business can be a daunting task. Starting a new business without professional contacts is even harder. I didn't know any one in my area who did chair massage when I first started, so I knew I would not have much competition. But I didn't realize that it also meant that I would not have anyone to talk with about the specific obstacles that I would be facing. The daily email in my box keeps me focused on my new business. Somehow, each week, I get just the answer I need to a problem directly in my path. (It's like having my very own dispenser of lotion to rub down my business and keep it going!!!)"

Vicki Richards


"It has worked wonderfully..."

"I am on day 33 of the course. I have tried using the lesson on the difference in consultant and salesman and it has worked wonderfully. It makes a difference in people's attitudes and seems to put them more at ease.

Also I have started asking every person who comes in to the office for a table massage if they would like to book their next appointment before leaving. So far about four out of ten have done so. I have not put the rest of your advice into action yet, but feel that I am pointed in the right direction."

Amanda Hagar


"I received 20 calls..."

"All that I have learned from Chair Massage Marketing 101 and Fill your Practice 101 have helped me gain enough confidence to let go of the security blanket of working for someone else and that guaranteed income. It has let me spring out of my shell or "comfort zone" and work for me. I was recently laid off so now I have all the time in the world to concentrate on my business.

I have been able to approach people and talk to them about the benefits of massage etc. I can sell my services with fewer butterflies in my tummy. As well, the idea on Gift Certificates has worked well. I gave out free 10-minute samples with my brochures and delivered 50 in my neighborhood. I received 20 calls for the freebie and was able to increase twelve of the massages to 30 minutes.

I recommend these courses to everyone. Thank you Eric for your hard work and dedication to the Seated Massage industry."

Cathy Brow
Toronto, Ontario


"Called to schedule an appointment already..."

"I am a new massage therapist (I graduated in Aug 2003). I have been using many of the techniques in your course, but one thing really paid off for me and that was offering my services to a company that does special events around the city. This past Saturday I worked at a Community Day and was busy from 10:30am - 4:30 pm. I gained a few new personal clients and one of them called to schedule an appointment already! Additionally the President of the company liked me so much he wants me to work two other events this Saturday. I would have never thought to do such a thing on my own, so hats off to the Marketing Chair Massage course."

Angela Fitch


"The course has more than paid for itself many, many times over..."

"I was absolutely delighted with the Marketing Massage Chair Course! The reason that I took it was because I had taken the Fill Your Practice Course, and was able to build my practice up from nothing with all of the wonderful ideas and step-by-step information that was presented in that course! I didn't think that this course could be any better, but...

I ran out and bought me a Chair to practice Chair Massage. And it works! I didn't realize how many people would love the chair massage, until I read how it works, how to work it, and where to do it. The course has more than paid for itself many, many times over. I can carry my chair anywhere with me, and it's not possible with a heavy table. You teach us to use the chair to get them into our practice and on our table, if that's what we want. But frankly, I've been enjoying just doing the chair massage now, since taking this course. You can't go wrong with this course. It's a step-by-step course to success!"

Michelle Spencer
Bountiful, Utah


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"My first contract with a hospital..."

"I want to thank you for the great courses I am actually taking both the Fill Your Practice and Marketing Chair Massage programs. I got my training at a great school that gave me a great foundation. They also provided a business class. Although they did a good job, it left me with many doubts about how to get my own business going. Your class format makes it so easy! You address everything I have had questions or doubts about. With your ability to reduce the subject into user-friendly daily lessons I am making great strides forward in building a strong business. I now have my first contract with a hospital doing chair massage in the physical therapy department and I am building my confidence in marketing my self and skills thanks to you and your online course. I have told other therapists about how easy you make it and I look forward to taking more of your courses. I will be using your information in the years to come. (This course has even helped my husband beef up his construction company's marketing.)"

Dana Smoker
Vicksburg, MI


"The impact has been huge..."

"What is happening for me at the moment is that the smaller pieces of info or simple statements are having an impact on me. They are changing my whole perspective. For instance, just the name you use for your chair massage company inspired me to change the way I do the chair massage. I now take longer and build more relaxation into the sequence based on my experiences using healing. Not only do clients feel as though they are getting more, I also can do more as I find it easier to work this way.

The "give to get" philosophy also seems to have come into this, as clients feel as though they have got more and have been recommending me to others which has increased my work. So I have managed to get more work for less physical output on my part, which is great. I have also managed fairly easily to get some extra work just by simply asking existing clients if they know others they feel would interested in such a service. So simple, but before your emails I would not have had the confidence to ask. Crazy but true. Your perspective of looking at it as helping and encouraging others to take care of themselves helped me a lot with that one.

It's only little things at the moment, but the impact has been huge. Not just that my work has increased by about 20% in the space of 6 weeks with just these little changes in place, (although that is great on its own) what has impacted me more is the way I feel different. Less stressed, happier, more confident and more motivated!! So thank you so much. Your information has helped me recognize the changes I needed to make mentally and I now feel like I have the chance of a new start with all the information I need to make it work."

Katherine Morgan
Essex, United Kingdom


"Thank you for helping me realize my dream..."

"Having recently completed Swedish Massage training, I was eager to get started and saw some very real potential in this thing called "Chair Massage". What an untapped market...those being those folks that suffer what you might call (a most highly technical term) the 'heebie jeebies'! So how do I get started? How do I sell this product? Well, I got myself a chair and there I was - stuck. I immediately signed up for your free newsletter and got so much information that I had no choice but to take advantage of your Marketing Chair Massage 101 course...and what a great price offering! I am into my third day of the 101 course and wait in anticipation in morning for the next edition. I am pumped! Thank you so much for helping me realize my dream."

Cari Manz, LMP
Calgary, Canada


"I made over $300 for the day..."

"I had a friend who got me into a Spa Day in Toronto and I did 12 people who had been working really hard and the company paid for it. They really enjoyed my 15 minute massage and I made over $300.00 for the day, it was a great experience and a great view; I was on the 28th floor. I also got a pair of magnets for my car for my business. I dropped a letter to a fitness club and for got to make my call back. I guess I got lucky they called me back and I am doing a wellness day at a fitness club in October. I did a weekend event in Guelph called Rib Fest and I am also in for next year at the Rib Fest. I am doing chair massage and reflexology foot massage parties. I have had someone invite me to work with their new business that they're opening up in November. I am enjoying the Chair Massage Marketing 101. It is great and has super ideas."

Nadine Norman
Guelph, Ontario


"In the process of finalizing an agreement..."

"The Marketing Chair Massage Course gave me the courage to approach the manager of one of the stores in a large chain of stores. We brainstormed as how this could work in his store. As a result, we're now in the process of finalizing an agreement on massage for the staff at his store. I liked the Stupid Selling lesson and I credit this to the success I've had with this manager."

Jean Mardus
Vancouver, British Columbia


"Beyond my wildest dreams..."

"Gift Certificates WORK! Today is October 1st. I am already getting requests for gift certificates for Christmas gifts. Last year I probably sold 10-12 certificates. This year...??? The requests forced me to take a look, a serious look, at my gift certificates. They were done on my computer. They were O.K., but not "snappy". I saved up, went to a printer, and got some "snappy" certificates. (Amazingly, they are the same design, but the quality of the paper made a LOT of difference! You were right again, Eric!) The response has been way beyond my wildest dreams. My regular customers noticed the new version right away.

I am also implementing another idea from the course. "Buy 4, get 1 free" No matter what the length of time i.e. 15 - 60 minutes, with the purchase of 4 gift certificates, the customer gets a free certificate from me as a thank you. THAT really earns a few smiles!!

I am fortunate enough to have very loyal customers. They have been getting regular chair massages ever since the very beginning, when I introduced them to it while doing my practice hours. To let them know how special they are - they always get a free massage for their birthday, for a referral and for Mother's Day (us 'old mothers' have to stick together)."

Joan Ross


"I would recommend this to everyone..."

"I have owned my business now for 5 years and I've had to overcome a lot of obstacles regarding money and asking for repeat business from my clients. One of my biggest obstacles was asking for repeat business, but with the help of the course's ideas and different approaches, I not only ask my clients to rebook (and they usually all do!) but I have also upgraded these clients from a 15-minute chair massage to a full one-hour relaxation massage. I get a lot more business from my top 30 clients. Thank you for the easy-to-use methods and ideas!! I would recommend this to everyone."

JoAnne Waters
Guelph, Ontario


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"The course was invaluable..."

"I wanted to tell you that the course was invaluable to me for many reasons but particularly for helping to figure out which route I would be most comfortable in - corporate or private. By reading through the lessons and making notes on my reactions it became very clear to me that private is my place. I have since turned one of my rooms into a massage studio and am comfortable that I did the right thing. I look forward to getting news about your upcoming "Massage Class in a Box" package."

Francine Quenneville
Nova Scotia


"I was skeptical..."

"I was skeptical about signing up for a course that was going to put one more email in my in basket. I was also concerned about the size of the document that was going to come to me every day. I came from a corporate background where I waded through a mountain of e-mail everyday. I didn't want to be doing the same thing in my own business. As I was hemming and hawing about whether or not to take the program a fellow practitioner began telling me how good the course was. As I am now doing massage full time, any information about marketing is a plus. So I signed up even though I was skeptical.

Not only is the information excellent, but the size of the emails are reasonable. I enjoy the fact that every morning when I sign on there is something there that motivates me to do what I love to do. It's also a connection. Sometimes you don't get a chance to talk to other practitioners and this way I feel connected to the group.

You cover so many areas. I have used the prospecting information and am presently working through the web design info. It's really good information!!! Thanks so much."

Trish Ruddock
Toronto, Ontario


"My feeling of being overwhelmed is fading..."

"This is just a quick note to say how grateful I am for the Marketing Chair Massage 101 e-course. The program is absolutely awesome in terms of concept, content and presentation.

Quite honestly, I hit wall in April/May in terms of prospecting and overall diminished effectiveness. But, almost magically, as I read my daily lessons, the feeling of being overwhelmed is fading and real self-confidence is returning.

I've known most of the sales stuff since 1997 when I took a 3-month Consultative Selling program with the Canadian Professional Sales Association. However, until I took your course, I never seemed to be able to get over my fear (of rejection?) of actually doing it. Now, I absolutely KNOW that I'll be comfortably having relaxed "conversations" with corporate decision-makers and moving simply through the sales process."

Chris Simon
Hamilton, Ontario

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