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5 Day Chair Massage Program

Here's what you'll learn in the
5-Day Chair Massage Program

You'll receive comprehensive course notes and over five hours of transcribed classes delivered to your inbox on a daily basis over a five-day period. You'll also have access to the material anytime online. Priced at $49, but yours free for ordering the Chair Massage Conference 2005 audios or DVDs.

Day 1 - Your introduction to the Wonderful World of Chair Massage

First things first. It is vitally important that you understand the potential for chair massage, both for your personal financial benefit and even more importantly for the ability of this service to make massage accessible to the mainstream public.

You'll learn about the scope of your work and you'll find out the best places to get training.

We'll help you setup your business and set personal goals. And if you have an existing massage or bodywork practice, we'll show you how to use chair massage to move people into your office.

Day 2 - Choosing your market

Because chair massage appeals to almost everybody, there are a mind-boggling number of possibilities for setting up a business. We'll help you brainstorm possible markets. More importantly, we'll help you narrow your choices down to the market that best meets your personal needs.

Examine your level of entrepreneurial skill and if you are not business oriented, we'll tell you how you can piggyback off existing businesses so you can focus on what you love doing most.

You'll find out who your customer really is and learn the process involved in creating a powerful message that educates them and compels them to use your services.

Day 3 - Start with some basics

There are some basic principles and bits of information you have to know before you get going. We know you're anxious to get started on the how-to stuff, but don't leave out this essential knowledge or you'll find yourself struggling later on.

Above all, you have to value your worth. Understand how valuable your skills are and you'll have no problems making money. Of course, you should know how to price your services, and understand selling basics.

Starting your practice doesn't have to be a risky business. You'll learn how to reduce your risk and be successful with a minimal amount of cash upfront. You'll also learn about one of the key characteristics of all practitioners we've interviewed and why you need to develop this all-important trait.

Day 4 - The corporate market

When most people think of chair massage they think of office workers getting massage at their workplace. Almost half of all chair massage is done in corporations, however, this can be a tricky market to navigate through. Today we'll look at a range of issues you'll have to consider to be successful in this difficult, but potentially lucrative market.

Saying you want to work with corporations is like saying you want to work with humans. You'll discover why you must define your niche and how to identify decision makers in the organizations you choose. You'll get an overview of ways to reach this market with a powerful sales message.

Once you finalize the deal, you'll have to figure out how to organize the set-up and we'll give you lots of useful ideas to make the implementation of the massage as smooth as possible. You'll also find out how to ensure ongoing sales to the organization to develop a long-term income generating machine.

Day 5 - Retail environments

Easier to set up and possibly more lucrative, the retail market is quickly expanding and taking over corporations as an income source for practitioners.

We'll explore the range of retail environments. You'll find out that most corporate work is essentially retail in nature, so it is important to understand the issues involved. There are many retail opportunities, most of which you probably wouldn't think of as retail. It's important that you know how to pick the best option or setup for yourself.

We'll look at ways of getting new customers and look at some basic strategies for maximizing your sales to those customers. Lastly, we look at the importance of taking care of yourself first.

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