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60 Clients in 60 Days Progress Results

Click here for details on the 60 Clients in 60 Days program.

There is no course available anywhere that will help you build your practice as fast as the 60 Clients in 60 Days program. Whether, you've been in practice for 10 days or 10 years, it doesn't matter. If you want to boost the number of clients coming into your practice and improve your income dramatically, you need to get your hands on this e-course.

Obviously there is going to be a great deal of skepticism when I make a claim like this, so I want you to hear about results that participants have gotten from the program so you know that I'm not making this stuff up.

I got participants to call by phone and share their successes with me so you could hear about it firsthand in their own words. These recordings are completely unedited.

Take a few minutes to listen through some of these short recordings. I'm sure you'll find them fascinating. Then when you are ready,click here to get your hands on the 60 Clients in 60 Days program.

Even though the program is easily worth hundreds of dollars, I've purposely priced it at a level that anyone can afford. But price shouldn't even be a consideration here. Once you go through the program, I'm sure you'll agree that the money you invest is really insignificant to the results you get by going through this simple step-by-step program.

Here's what the participants had to say...


"I was sitting around with no money and lots of time and didn't know how to get clients through my doors. With your program I had 30 clients in 22 days. I'm so excited and looking to expand."
Bonnie, Vancouver, BC



"I agonized over buying this for a couple of days, but finally talked myself into it. Now that I've gone through the program, my database of clients has increased by 400%. I'm booked a month in advance. It's such a small price to pay to get the confidence and security that I've gotten from this program."
Sarah, Wako, TX



"This program has really turned my practice around. I moved to Dallas and knew no one. I had no clients going into this program. I was lucky to see three clients in a week. I'm now at a point where I have to turn people away and schedule them two weeks out. I hope other therapists take the plunge. It's well worth it for your practice."
Sheila Brown, Dallas, TX



"I love this program and am just wondering why I didn't sign up sooner than I did. It's taught me to realize that there are so many people out there that are dying to try massage and reflexology. It's given me an organized system to introduce people to what I do in a very easy way."
Sarah, Oreland, Pennsylvania


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"I was doing all right, but always wondering whether I was going to get ahead and make some real tangible income. When I started this program I saw 19 new clients within two weeks. My revenues have gone up 20% to 30%. The rebooking and client retention has been great too."
Geri Wester, Cedar Rapids



"When I started the program in October, I just took off with it. When I started the program I was seeing 25 clients a month adding 2 to 3 customers per month. By the end of December I had seen 40 new clients. I have doubled my income."
Barbara, Medway, MA



"My practice changed dramatically - doubled almost. It was incredible. There is opportunity all around and it's a matter of getting the right information at the right time."
Mihael, Vancouver, BC


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"Really loved the 60 Clients program. It works! It gives you a reason to approach people without feeling like you are taking or asking something from them."
Kathleen, Cleveland, OH



"Boy did it ever get me moving. It's been so very useful. It's opened doors like nothing has ever did before. I have found the courage and self-confidence to really value what I do. It's increased my business three fold. I have full weeks."
Michael, Vernon, BC



"I look forward to looking at your stuff every day. Everything you've put out there I've gobbled up and used."
Michelle Spencer, Bountiful, UT


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Click here for more reports from participants