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60 Clients in 60 Days Progress Results

60 Clients in 60 Days Progress Results

A sneak peek into the participants' progress...

Before releasing this program a second time, I scanned through the posts in the 60 Clients in 60 Days discussion boards to see if anyone talked about any of the results they were having. Even I was amazed!

Here are a number of comments that I've pulled from the posts. These were for the most part, participants simply sharing the excitement of their successes with the other participants. For the sake of anonymity, I've used either a first name only or their screen name. These are in no particular order. You may find a couple of posts made at different times from the same person.

For a more thorough record of their results, go to this page where they'll personally tell you about their experiences.

Here are the excerpts...



"Wow! I have 18 and a half hours of massage to do this week and 10 of those are a result of this program! I can't tell you the last time I had that much massage to do; it has been that long! At the beginning of this program I averaged 7 massages a week. BIG difference! I am so excited! Thanks to everyone on the discussion list for their support and great ideas and Kudos to Eric for his great site and wonderful classes!"




"I came back from my trip to a pretty full week! Awesome! I am still fairly grounded here, despite my enthusiasm 'popping' through on my posts and have realistic expectations...and by some standards, my progress (as far as appointments) may be slow. But like I said before, going from $123 per week to just under $500 in a matter of two weeks is incredible for me and my family!

The other thing I like seeing from all the work I am putting into this is the impact it's having on my children. They see firsthand that if you work hard at a goal you set for yourself, the results are pretty great! Can't beat that no matter how much money it may/may not make you!

I have to admit, I have tried various other businesses in the past and have been told ways of doing things to increase my business...and honestly, I haven't followed directions very well. Basically I'm uncomfortable stepping out of my own space and trying someone else's ideas, always thinking I know what will work for me. So this has actually been a challenge to stick with the the letter...listen to the advice/tips...USE them...and wow!! Definitely working!! Thank you so much Eric!"




"Before I started this course I was brainstorming on things I could do to get clientele. I started to make really nice gift coupons to give out to my existing clientele to hand out to their network. It wasn't working very well. So of course I took Eric's idea and revamped it a bit�and BAM! I have been getting calls. I got three calls from people so far."




Take the Course

"I too have been having success with this program. I have gotten 7 new standing appointments out of this and it keeps coming. The thing this course has done for me is get me thinking and marketing and that's what it is all about."




"That is definitely working for me. How good? Ahhh, just completed October's stats. Saw 26 new clients. Didn't have to bite what little nails I have left on my fingers while designing the perfect ad and fret whether the offer was compelling enough for the phone to ring."




"This was my first week of results: 9 new clients. Now I have to work on rebooking. I can't believe this is so easy. And, I particularly appreciate the referrals from a designer that tells everyone to book during the daytime, book a whole hour, and bring $10 for a tip."




"Hi Eric. Well it does work and thank you sooooo much!! I had two 1/2 hours today. It was a couple. They didn't upgrade but when he was waiting for his girlfriend he made some calls to his friends for 2 hrs for $95. He booked a two-hour massage for himself at my regular price and she also booked one hour. They took some flyers and business cards and are passing them out to their friends. Thanks again!"




Notice the times of these next two posting from one participant...

Posted Nov 12, 2005 at 11:24 AM

"I have not had one call so far. I am happy for all you who are getting results. I haven't given up yet."

Posted Nov 12, 2005 at 11:45 AM

"WAIT! I just made an appointment. Curves is holding my certificates to use as prizes in their contest. The employee that I will work on Thursday can tell them how good it is. YEAH!"



"Last weekend, I went to a local event where I sold my homemade microwavable rice-filled heating pads. I sold 50 in 4 hours, did lots of one-on-one talking with people and gave a coupon to everybody who bought a heating pad (stapled a sample of Biofreeze to each coupon) also talked with them about the benefits of massage. From this promo, I got 15 new clients within a week - all upgraded and all rebooked!"




"I'm definitely having fun here. When I trained we were told, "Never, ever, give away your services." I did anyway over the years, but with a lot of guilt. Now I am just plain having fun doing it. Friday I did a gift certificate with upgrade and when the client came out he bought 6 gift certificates. Guess you can say I am just a Pleasure Piglet. Thank you for your guilt freeing program Eric."


Take the Course

"Just wanted to say that I filled my schedule last week, and this week. Now that I got nice business cards with my client generator website listed I give those out to people for referrals. Now, I've had two calls from the generator. I tell new clients to listen for people who aren't getting results at Physical Therapy, or meds aren't working, and give them a business card to print off a gift certificate from the Client Generator. I'd love to see if massage can help them. Happy holidays."




"I'm one of those practitioners who says 'lets see how you do and you call me'...

Since doing this program, I have been observing myself educating my clients about the benefits of massage and the value of taking care of themselves. When I come from this point of view and set up a treatment plan it is easy to come to the point. One client got so enthusiastic they said great, now what do we do? I was dumbfounded and spluttered, 'lets book an appointment now'.

These days with being fully booked I also encourage people to book a series of appointments because I don't want them to miss their sessions as continuity is important. I used to cower at the thought of getting someone to rebook. Now I have confidence backed by a sound plan for the client.

Thanks again Eric for your inspiration. I have never been fully booked ever! This is such a great program. You've got me running off my feet. You were right, get ready to work. I am still having fun, sure hope everyone else is too.





"I have had such wonderful results that I must tell all how much the course is WORKING! I have been redeeming about 4 to 6 [gift certificates] per week and so far all but 2 have upgraded and left generous tips. I even got a special Thank You note from one who did not upgrade or take any more gift certificates at the time. She raved to her friends how much she enjoyed her session that she wrote to ask me to mail her 6 of them, adding that she would be back next month! I was shy about asking people to rebook too but the more this is working the more I realize how much people need and appreciate the work we do so I am asking now and getting results. I am sure I could have even more amazing results if I applied myself more. This can't get anything but better as far as I am concerned. Thanks to Eric"




"I'm half way to my first goal of 50 clients a week. (I rent to 2 other therapists) Once we hit that mark I'm thinking expansion. Weekly sales: the first week of the month is usually my best ($1,329.67 this month) but this is the first time the 3rd week was so good ($1,116.80) I hope this is a trend."




"I started this program new to the business. I have been in business a total of three months now. I started with seeing maybe 3 a week and maybe $90 a week income. I am now seeing 15-20 a week and my income is $460 a week now. I am increasing daily and weekly so that will keep improving I am hoping. This program has helped me to succeed with growing my business in a short amount of time."




"Morning Eric and everyone! Well I must say it does pay off. I just went to a Realtor that has about 80 associates working for them. Within 24 hrs.. and I MEAN 24 HOURS I got two calls from them. One wanted to purchase a full hour gift certificate from me and also wanted me to write something up in her newsletter that she is starting and the other, who is the manager wants to set an appointment up with me after she gets back from her vacation. She also wants to do it on a monthly or every two week schedule."




"I decided to get in touch with radio stations to give-away gift certificates. I happened to be put in touch with a fellow that was in charge of 3 different radio stations and a television station. We talked, I sent him gift certificates and he's been giving them out as giveaways. He also mentioned on the television about 'Massage Therapy Awareness Week'. He gave a bunch of certificates to TV personalities and station workers. I've been fortunate enough to get plenty of call backs and all have upgraded. I haven't had a chance to work on everyone who's called, yet. I'm thrilled with the results.

I did the gift certificate thing when 101 ways to build your massage business course first came out, and I built up my business that way. It truly works! However, people move on, stop coming, die, etc, and I'm always in the market for new clients. It's hard to turn anyone away. With this course, I expect to put a second therapist in, soon. Follow Eric's direction, and you'll reap the benefits. He knows his stuff!"




"I wanted to let you know that since starting, I have received tremendous response! Previously I had done the 1/2 off special and did not see great results. However using this approach has people in the salon where I work tripping over themselves to get to my door!

I have had several appointments. I am amazed by the response. One downfall, if there is one to be had, is that the owners of the salon are seeing the activity and have now raised me to regular rent! (they were starting me out low as I build my clientele) Perhaps this is a sign that I am 'making it'!"




"Chiropractors are great for making referrals! We have a new one in our town, trying to build his practice. I scheduled an appointment with him to check out his technique and he did excellent work. I gave him 25 coupons. So far,6 of his clients have called me, and all of them upgraded. This all happened in 5 days!"




"About a month ago I changed my attitude and started following the course in earnest and in the past month I have booked 11 new clients ( half of which have rebooked). I attended a health fair doing chair massage last week and gave coupons to all of the people I worked on and I can't keep up with the emails and phone calls. I expect it to multiply as the expiry date of the coupons gets near. This program really works."




"Well, it's been under a week since the MS dinner, and since then, I have had three new clients come to the clinic, all of whom said they are very pleased with my treatment. All have rebooked for weekly appointments until end of February!! I also was told by them that they have people in other groups that would probably come in. This is awesome!!! Again, by some standards, this may be slow moving, but I have been at the clinic here for just about three months and have now tripled my patient-load, tripled my pay and have had at least three days now where there was no more room for clients to book! Unreal!"


Take the Course

"About 3 weeks before Christmas the phone calls started coming in. I have been booked solid since. 98% upgraded and I have been getting phone calls that ask to be put on a cancellation list. You know, if someone cancels, call them? The first time I built my business it was with doubt and worry and a lot of hope, this time it is with hope, creativity and fun. Thank you Eric."




"Today I had a gift certificate with upgrade, then after the session she bought 11 gift certificates. Someone pinch me."


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