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60 Clients in 60 Days - Massage Business Testimonials

Here's what participants had to say about their results...

I know when big promises are made, people are skeptical. And with good reason. There are a lot of people out there who make promising claims, then take your money and leave you high and dry. I never want to be one of those people.

But it's an unfortunate situation because I know the people who could benefit most from this program will likely not get it because of their skepticism and doubts. So I asked participants to share their results with you and the other Marketing Tips subscribers. Keep in mind as you read that most of these people have just finished up the program within the past month.

I also went into the discussion board for the course and pulled out excerpts from various posts. These were just off the cuff remarks made between the participants regarding the results they were getting as they progressed through the program. Click here to see their candid comments.

I'll let the participants tell you their experiences in their own words...



"Back in 1999 I began building my practice using live radio commercials. I did very well, had at least a 2-week waiting list, until 2003 when I had to leave due to an injury. When I was able to return in June 2005 I had to rebuild my practice all over again and quickly found out I couldn't rebuild it the same way. The radio stations had automated. I was then forced to confront the subject of marketing my practice myself. I tried some advertising and stuff but it just wasn't working.

One night I checked the Internet and there you were. At first, as I was reading your report, I had all this running sarcasm/skepticism going on in my head, like, 'Oh sure, right; Oh I'll bet; Okay and the catch is? Oh paaleese; mmmm hmmm, sure.' I'd get a little excited about something you wrote and squash it with disbelief. Then I found this little button and clicked on it. This woman said something about gift certificates, so I listened to what she said and tried it, just on a small scale. It worked. I felt awed, something I hadn't felt in a long time.

I was intrigued enough to suspend my disbelief and skepticism to give the course a try. I went from 5 massages one week to over 20 paying massages the next week. It took a few weeks for the calls to start coming in, after I did my part, but when they did . . . it was like an explosion, it felt like magic, you know, life's real magic? When things work, then they really do work! And, in addition to my practice building back up again, I don't live in fear, doubt and worry any more. I'm having fun, and I feel confident again in my ability to influence the world around me. Thank you Eric, you deserve every dollar you make from your course."

Debbie Archer
Lancaster CA


It's funny, I was so afraid to spend the money on the course for fear of being ripped off, and now, I can't even remember what I paid for it. Well, what ever it was, it was more than worth it! Again, thank you.



"I wanted to thank you for helping me with my business. I decided to quit my full time job and do massage full time. This was a big leap of faith for me since I was very, very part time with the massage. I had less than three months to make it or break it. I did my homework and found the 60 Clients in 60 Days course - decided to try it. I have had really great success with the course. Before I started the course I was seeing about 4 to 6 clients per week now I am seeing 25-30 clients per week big difference. I also went from an average income of $177 per week to $419 per week, which will go up significantly once I am through with the give to get coupons. I am very excited about that. I am getting about a 70% standing client ratio from my new clients THAT IS AWESOME!! Not only did the course teach me some cool marketing, but it also taught me that I am on a learning curve and I can improve my service to fit my clients' needs better. I also learned that I could take what I learned in the course and adapt it to fit my market area I didn't have to follow it exactly step by step but in doing so I learned the weak areas and the strong areas and how to take that to my advantage. I want to thank Eric for taking the time to share his secrets with the rest of us."

Jacki Watkins, Owner
JW'S Massage Therapy



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"Eric's 60 Clients in 60 Days is just awesome. I gave a friend who does home parties some gift certificates to give as prizes. One person that got one has been seeing me for the past 18 months, at least once a month. That's $990 that I made with $0 in expense to me."

Stephanie Peters


"I graduated from massage school in 2003 and I thought my massage center was doing okay. I could make the bills and although I still had $$ in the checkbook I wasn't paying myself yet. Something is wrong with that. I'd like to have some cash too. I also have two independent contractors working in my center doing a 60/40 split (mine is the 40%), but they're not busy.

So I thought that Eric's 60 clients in 60 days sounded like the plan I needed to get everyone busy. I didn't even work the program right. (I should have tripled all the numbers because there are 3 of us.) Even so we've picked up 111 new clients since Oct. 1, 2005. 32% rebooked before leaving. So my weeks are now filled with 20 to 25 appointments versus the 8 to 12 it used to be. Weekly sales went from $700 to $1400.

My office has been open for 18 months now and I still hear people saying, 'I didn't know you were here'. So I have a lot more work ahead of me, but I believe that Eric Brown and his courses are the main reason I have the confidence and knowledge to market my own massage business, successfully.

P.S. They're starting work on expanding my office space tomorrow. We're going from two to four therapy rooms. Wow! I may have to get a couple more therapists. I'm no longer scared of being successful.

Thank you, Eric. Namaste and warmest regards,"

Lynette M. Stauffer, NCTMB, ACMT


"I have always been a terrible salesperson. I could always promote products and services that other people benefited monetarily from - you know - ones I believed in and trusted. If I was the one who would benefit it was a totally different story, regardless of my conviction. That little fearful voice in the back of my head was always telling me, 'they'll probably think I'm just trying to make money off them'.

Of course, marketing and sales go hand in hand when developing your own business. Since I took Eric's 60 Clients in 60 Days course, I no longer feel like I have to be apologetic about the cost of my services when people ask. Instead, I feel confident and sure of the value of the benefits they will receive and that little voice has finally been silenced!

As a result, building my business has become more of a joy than a horror! I enjoy talking to prospective clients more and that translates more often into turning them into actual clients. That change in my own perception or attitude has helped me increase the frequency of return clients as well. It's amazing how much fear can hold us back! We have one of the greatest jobs in the world as Massage Therapists. Eric has a way of making the hard parts easier with his courses."

Diane Meyer, LMT
Cincinnati, Ohio


"My focus is on chair massage for corporations. My offer, which I make by mail to the Presidents of small companies, is an opportunity for a free one-hour trial of chair massage at their workplace.

I ask if they would like to increase productivity and morale at their company and, in the second line, suggest they consider using chair massage to accomplish that.

My letter has a gift certificate enclosed, which says: A gift to Increase Productivity, Banish stress and Enhance morale at your workplace. (Expiration date: 3 weeks) I also enclose a brochure detailing the benefits of seated chair massage.

I invite them to call me to set up an appointment. I write to 20 small companies a week and send out the letters on Saturday. I call them on the following Wednesday, Friday and then on Tuesday of the following week.

The response has been excellent as a result of my first mailing. After calling, I have reached 10 of the Presidents. Three are planning to hire me. Two already have someone doing chair massage and 5 said no.

The gift certificate and the letter both have a picture of a person receiving a back rub. The brochure is full color.

My initial targets are accountants (tax season is upon us), lawyers and architects.

All of the companies I have been contacting have web sites. I go to the site and learn something about the president and his company before I call them. I often get an answering machine. My message says 'I see by your website that you have an obsession with providing extraordinary service to your customers' (Using their language). 'I have a business, VIP Back Rubs, that helps businesses like yours provide extraordinary service by supporting your employees with a literal pat-on-the-back' which helps your employees be more productive, be more focused and have better morale.'

I think this approach of aligning myself with what they are trying to do is a good approach. I do not expect them to return my calls. I call and always say my name and company so the busy presidents know why I am calling. They are often unavailable. However, they seem to be available, if they have an interest. Otherwise they may reply through their secretary that they are not interested. I always thank the secretary for letting me know since a clear 'no' saves me lots of time.

Sending a letter ahead of time is essential to the success of this approach. I always call the company first to confirm the name of the current president and their current address. Directories are not fully up to date.

I have recently started this approach and the reception at companies is much, much better than doing cold calling that I did before."

Bruce Strickland
VIP Back Rubs, LLC.


"The timing of the program was just perfect for me, as I began just before I opened my practice, and if it wasn't for enrolling, I really can't imagine how I would have attracted clients if it wasn't for the gift certificates since I had no client base and no advertising budget. In November, my first month, I had 7 massages; 5 were upgraded to 1 hour, and 3 of those have become regular monthly clients. In December, my second month, I had 9 massages, and sold 4 holiday gift certificates; 3 massages were upgraded, 3 were repeat clients from November (2 were now booking 1 hour massages at 70, and 1 is coming for 90 minutes every week at 90). Today is January 7th, and I already have 10 massages booked for this month, and that's without issuing any new gift certificates yet this month. This month (January), 6 of my massages are rebooks, one is a holiday gift certificate being redeemed, 2 are one-hour upgrades, and 1 is a referral. And I also have 2 massages scheduled for the beginning of February, and both are rebookings from their original promotional gift certificates.

I know these numbers might sound low to those with established practices, but for me just starting out, I'm overjoyed. In November I took in less than half my December rent. In December I took in enough to pay my January rent with money left over. In January, if no one cancels, I will have made enough to cover my February rent with just a little left over. And in the middle of the month I have an open house presentation to give at a yoga/fitness center, which I was able to arrange through the advice given in the course. Hopefully this trend will continue for the following months, and next year at this time I will actually be able to take out a good salary for myself.

Is it slow going? Yes, it most certainly is, but without this program I know I wouldn't have even gotten this far. I think it's important to note that my practice is in a town with a population of only 4,200 and a variety of massage therapists and a few spas, and I'm still managing to carve out a place for myself. I know what it takes to grow a business, and with this program and all the others BodyworkBiz programs I have enrolled in, I will have what it takes to become a success. As long as I have patience, I have no doubt of this. Eric is providing me with just what I need, and I am very grateful."


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"Happy New Year! I hope your year will be as successful and prosperous as mine has started out, thanks to you and the '60 Clients in 60 Days' course. It was tremendously helpful in moving me toward my goal of growing into a multi-therapist clinic. During/after the program, I've had a little over 70% increase in the number of new clients per month.

Before the course, for the 2-month period of Aug-Sept 2005, I had a total of 21 new clients (8 rebooked at least once, 4 of the 8 have become regular clients).

During the course, I pretty much followed all the steps, except that I mailed many discount coupons to local businesses for their employees and customers, as well as giving them personally to individuals on my hot and warm lists, and to existing clients to refer their friends.

For Nov-Dec (during and after the course), I had 37 new clients. 33 of them upgraded to 60 min. for $40, 4 had the free 30 min. massage, and 35 rebooked for at least one 60 min. appointment!

I offered all the new clients a discount plan on future treatments, if they prebooked and prepaid, with greater discounts for more frequent appointments, as follows:

- $5 off per session for monthly appointments for 2 months (12 clients took this offer);
- $10 off per session for twice-monthly appointments for 2 months (7 people did this one);
- $15 off per session for weekly appointments for 2 months (3 people).


Also, 13 of the 37 new clients bought holiday gift certificates, 4 of those 13 bought 2 GCs each and one person bought 5 GCs! This made a total of 21 GCs from 13 clients.(The GCs expire Mar 31).

2 of the 37 new clients are doctors. One referred a workers' comp insurance patient for 15 treatments. The other (a psychiatrist) referred a cash client for stress relief, and this man has pre-booked and pre-paid for 12 weekly appointments Jan thru March.

One more thing--this is a small town and word got around to my existing clients about the discounts for new clients. A few (jokingly) grumbled about it. So I offered existing clients $10 off per session for January and February, for as many sessions as they wanted, if they prebooked and prepaid before the end of the year. 11 existing clients took this offer and 8 increased their usual monthly appointment to 2 per month for Jan and Feb.

So, if everyone comes in (all are prepaid and all are prebooked except the GC recipients), the 37 new clients in 2 months multiplied into 132 appointments for the next 3 months.

Yippee-e-e-e! Is this how the program is supposed to work?!



Donna Thomas


"The course came just at the right time, as I recently joined the area Chamber of Commerce (an extremely active and large group). My first few visits (networking and other mixers) to the Chamber, I used the 'give to get' principles of half hour gift certificates with an upgrade to one-hour option. I've increased the number of coupons I distribute every time, first starting out with a few dozen.

Most recently, I provided a business contact with 250 coupons for her Christmas Mailing, customizing the coupon with her company name and a Holiday message. I must say that my co-workers weren't crazy about this idea, although I provided them with coupons to distribute as well. I have the results from every meeting that has brought me new clients. My goal as a part-time practitioner is to have eight clients per week. That's really all I need/want as I also teach yoga classes. Well, I had my first eight-client week two weeks before Christmas, including three coupon participants. (One has become a regular; one upgraded and promises to rebook; one tipped and complimented. Not only do I ALWAYS ask clients if and when they want to rebook every time, but when I set up phone appointments from the coupons I ALWAYS ask if they want to take advantage of the upgrade offer and if they say no, I ALWAYS ask again when they come in (making sure I have the time for them if they do!). So far, about 90% of those I have seen with coupons have upgraded. A couple people have not upgraded and not tipped, but have rebooked--one buying a multiple package. I always give $10 off with an on-the-spot rebooking; it's printed on my appointment card. However, my co-worker who has also used coupons has had a relatively low rebooking return; about 10% upgrading and less rebooking. I think that is so because: they don't like to 'give away' free massage; don't ask if they want to upgrade when they book over the phone; don't ask if they want to rebook when they see them; don't think of themselves as a business person/marketer. As far as the large Holiday Mailing mentioned above? It's been less than two weeks since the mailing went out and I've sold an upgrade gift certificate, gave a free massage with a rebook. I know I'll get calls every week and a rush before the end of this month when I 'expired' the coupons.

P.S. To Eric: I have had better success with the 60-days than with the client generator. Go figure.

P.S.S. Also, another tip for you: I always have an attitude of gratitude. If I'm asked how my business is doing I always say: 'great, couldn't be better! I'm having this fantastic promotion...want to book?...' I act as if I have the most wonderful, prosperous practice possible. And you know what? I've only been in this new business since March of 2005 and I have personally experienced constant growth. You can't beat that! From 4 clients that first month of operation to 13 clients in December: a 300+% increase, and 7/13 (over 50%) are as a result of '60-clients'-inspired promotions! NOT ONE is from print advertising ($130/month), NOT ONE is from phonebook listing, NOT ONE is from Health Club advertising ($67/month). I'm learning through trial and error which marketing ideas work and which are a waste of hard-earned money. I've never been disappointed by Bodywork Biz! Thanks,"

Name withheld by request


"I was a skeptic about the 60 clients in 60 days but because I had only received the same 2.5 regulars for 6 months and was unable to get any more I thought what do I really have to lose? I was sure the course would at least make back its cost.

Well it was beyond my hopes. I live in a very rural area. The closest town is one short block. I have never liked to sell and felt like I was asking a favor when I had tried giving a gift certificate. Eric changed my thinking and I now see the gift certificates as 'gifts' Duh!. People like gifts, they don't like being asked a favor.

I'm still using what I learnt and am handing out the gift certificates. Recently I wanted to give 120 to the nurses at the local hospital as a gift at their Christmas party. The first woman I spoke to was sooo excited. However after speaking with her committee they said no and used the words witchcraft, hocus pocus, and voodoo for massage. I'm talking backwater thinking. Well I didn't let this stop me in fact it put a fire under me. I got the first woman I spoke with in for a massage that Saturday and when she arrived I handed her my references, two clients one a nurse and the other a reverend both with lovely testimonials. The other two referrals were from the hospital, one a nurse, and the other from a woman who has been on the patient board for years. That was it they handed out the gift certificates and there is still one more week before the certificates expire and already I have had the best return results on gift certificates, 8 with still a week to go. My clients went from 2.5 a week to 9 after the course. It was where I wanted to be as I was still studying and had a part time job. I am now about to increase that and I have the tools to do so thanks to Eric."

Lesle-Ann Hine
Back Water, Quebec, Canada


"First I must admit that I haven't followed through with the program as much as I should have - too many other things at the same time. However, I wanted to thank you for the way you pointed out time and again that we were in a caring profession and that once we had made contact with clients they were in our care... forever, possibly, and so recommending further treatments wasn't a business ploy but a proof of care. I am also a part-time teacher in a non-profit private school and the same philosophy applies to both professions. I also lead a choir and do teacher mentoring - same philosophy applies. Since taking your course, I have re-adjusted my heart values and business values and I now see that they can work together. Taking your course helped me separate my cynicism for business from the part of me that wants to help people in every one of my various jobs. Thank you."

Jeff Olson
Brighton, England


"My figures are for 9 weeks, because of the summer holiday (and the extra busyness of people for Christmas) in Australia.

In 9 weeks of the 60 Clients program, my income was 60% of the total of the previous 52 weeks combined. That translates into a projected 400% increase in my yearly income! I am seeing an average of 4 new clients a week.

I now apply the tracking techniques learnt in the 60 Clients program to all my other forms of marketing.

On a personal level, I have gained more confidence in myself and my ability to provide real benefits to my clients. No longer do I feel that it is something that I have done/not done if a client drops away.

Building on the scripts that Eric provides has given me the words to better communicate with my clients and potential clients.

The forum is an invaluable source of ideas and encouragement from therapists who are in a similar situation to myself.

Highly recommended. The strategies learnt in Clients have become an essential part of my marketing.


Tony Wilson
Therapy One Massage


"Hi Eric,

I wanted to let you know that I have had a major growth in business since I took your online 60 Clients course. In the 2-month period I was on the course I gained 6 new clients. While that may seem small at first glance, you must realize that I am a bit of an exception to the program because I am not strictly a massage therapist. I am a posture therapist and I primarily provide help by creating routines of corrective exercises. Well, using your give to get strategy seems to work quite well for me too. The whole concept is a perfect way to create interest among my target markets and drive business to the door.

Thank you for the great ideas,"

Nathan Briner

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