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While most massage and bodywork professionals enjoy their work, most are not very successful from a financial perspective. I knew this from personal contact with other therapists. But it was the Collis and Reed report that was commissioned by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario that really opened my eyes.

The researchers found that:

The market is saturated -- there are more massage therapists than are needed
25% of massage therapists have to work outside of the industry to support themselves
The average therapist makes $15,000 less than they anticipated
Over 80% of beginning massage therapists expect to make over $40,000 a year, but in reality only 13% meet their expectations


It's sad because it means that:

1. The public isn't benefiting from massage to the extent that they could
2. The skills of most professionals are simply going to waste
3. Most massage professionals are not meeting their financial goals
4. Most professionals are suffering from unnecessary frustration and anxiety in their career


I'm Eric Brown the director of BodyworkBiz. I've been a practicing massage therapist since 1989. And I know what 90% of massage professionals are going through. I've been there myself.

I remember the time many years when I literally cried with frustration trying to make my massage business successful. At that moment I made the decision to turn things around and over the years and with the help of hundreds of my colleagues, I've learnt pretty much everything there is to know about starting and building a successful massage business. My massage businesses have been testing grounds for many of the strategies and techniques you'll learn about at BodyworkBiz.

The learning wasn't easy. There are a lot of unique challenges in marketing a massage business. There are no highly successful people to model or mentors to serve as guides. It was trial and error. It was a hard and sometimes painful process. And it was extremely costly.

In 1997 I was forced into a position where I had to declare bankruptcy. It was humiliating. I lost everything except the knowledge that I had gained from my experience.

But knowledge (plus a little action) is power.

Within a year of the bankruptcy, I had made in excess of $400,000 with my newly established business. And you know what? This time it was easy.

I don't ever want anyone to have to go through what I went through. There's no reason why you have suffer through the anxiety, frustration, stress and expense of trial and error.

I'm committed to helping every massage therapist or bodywork professional that wants a full practice to have a full practice. I'm committed to not just helping each massage professionals get by, but to helping every one build the practice of their dreams.

With that goal in mind, I've worked hard over the past few years with an incredible team of professionals from graphic designers, tech heads, and writers to illustrators, business experts and psychologists. I am also indebted to the hundreds of massage therapists, bodyworkers and holistic practitioners that I have consulted with over the past few years and who have been kind enough to share their experiences with me.

Together we've come up with some unique, powerful and effective ways to make you successful including:

Incredibly practical courses that will dramatically shorten your learning curve and will help you get your practice on track as quickly as possible by giving you step-by-step instructions and the push you need to move you forward.
Great looking (and inexpensive) marketing materials that powerfully present your practice in the most professional way.


A broader part of our mission at BodyworkBiz is to do our part to accelerate the popularization of massage and to increase the demand for massage services. I would love to see touch, both skilled and social touch, become a positive force in every person's life. And helping you is an important step along that path.

I sincerely hope that you'll make use of the resources on this site and help us make that vision a reality.

All the best,

Eric Brown, Director