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Article Submitter: The Easy Way To Market Your Massage Practice Online

Establish your expertise, push your website ranking toward first place position and get clients now!

How can online article submission software help your practice?


A couple of years ago, I did a little searching in Google to see how I was ranked for various search terms that people might use to find BodyworkBiz. On one of these important searches, my site didn't even show up in the top ten results.

But I was amazed to see articles that I had written for OTHER websites show up in position #1 and #2!

I thought about it for a little while wondering if it was a good thing or not. After all, these sites were getting top positions for articles I had written on marketing. And as I thought about it, I came to the realization that this was not a good thing...

It was a fantastic thing!



Put Yourself In A Surfer's Shoes...

Imagine yourself in the place of someone surfing the web for information on something they are interested in: Let's say massage and pregnancy.

They type their search terms into Google or Yahoo and the first thing they see in the results page is an article that YOU'VE written on pregnancy massage. Are they going to click that link?

You betcha!

They found exactly what they were looking for: Relevant information.

And they are more likely to click that link than any other because it's obviously not a sales pitch.

And as they read the article, they learn some great stuff. They can see that you, as the author, are very knowledgeable. They read through your article with great interest and they want to know more. When they reach the end of your article, your contact information is there, perhaps with an active link to your website.

Now when they visit your website or give you a call, they are doing so because they respect you and your knowledge. They see you as an expert who can help them. They are favorably predisposed to using your massage services.

This is what in recent years has become known as "pre-selling". It gets people to visit you with a trusting, ready-to-buy attitude. You don't have to sell them on the idea of using massage or using your services. They are already pre-sold.

Sounds like a great way to promote your services, doesn't it?

I thought so! So I started experimenting with publishing my articles on various sites on the web, including a number of article directories.

The article directories were terrific because they would allow me to put a "Resource Box" at the end of every article with a hyperlink to my website. So I could get one way links back to my site, which anyone who is familiar with search engines knows is one of the key factors that search engines like Google consider when ranking your site. But I was soon to discover that my submission to a couple dozen directories had far greater impact than I could have possibly imagined.

Another Shocking Discovery...

I stopped submitting to the article directories for quite awhile. Why? It was tedious and time consuming going to each directory, logging in with my user name and password, and cutting and pasting my article information into the various submission forms.

Then I got my hands on a piece of software that semi-automated the process. It would log me into the article directories I wanted, would fill in my article information, my resource box and other pieces of information into the submission form and would allow me to check things over before pressing the submit button. What used to take me 20 minutes, now only took one to two minutes.

So I used this software to submit another article to the online directories. Two weeks later I did a search to find out if my article had been published to any of the article directories.

To my amazement, there were 486 links with my articles in Google, 1080 in Yahoo and 174 in MSN! And this happened within two weeks!

I just couldn't believe it. But it happened because the article directories syndicated my article to thousands of webmasters.

In case you're not familiar with syndication, the article directories, in effect, act as distributors of my article. They give other webmasters permission to use my article on their own sites provided they publish my resource box with the link to my site.

So now instead of having only 30 incoming links to my website, I had hundreds.

Knowing the value that search engines place on these incoming links, I did search for the terms I used for my links and found out that the rankings for my site increased dramatically.

I used to show up in the number seven spot for the search term I wanted to be found for. Right now, my site occupies both the number one and the number two spot on the very first page of Google. And this is first and second place out of 2,820,000 results!

Not only that, but my article appears in the fifth place and there are two image links right at the top of the search results that also point to my site.

Need proof. Here's a screen shot:

Run Your Website Up Into First Place Position...

You can do exactly the same! I've made arrangements to make available to BodyworkBiz customers the exact software that I used to achieve these results. And I'm able to offer it at about half of what it costs on other sites.

I show you exactly how to use it with clear step-by-step instructions. It will be a breeze to get your articles published online.

Along with the Article Submitter software, I'll give you a list of the top article directories. There are likely several hundred article directories online if not more. There are only two to three dozen that are worth taking the time submitting to.

I've done the testing to determine which article directories are most likely to have your article rank highly in searches, which ones have staying power and which ones the big search engines respect. And I'll provide you with this list so you don't waste your time submitting to minor directories that really won't help you.

I'll also provide you with a comprehensive list of article directories and websites that are looking for massage articles specifically. These are gold and they are not always easy to find.

Super Easy To Use...

It is designed to be incredibly simple to use. You don't have to be technically inclined to use this software. There are five simple steps and you can see them outlined here.

Five easy steps to publishing your first article online.

The software comes preloaded with 163 directories, but you can add additional directories anytime and delete ones that you don't wish to use.

I've seen similar software priced as high as $379. You'll find this software on some websites for $97. But through special arrangement with the software developer, I'm able to offer it to you for only $47.

Posting free articles to the major article directory sites is the fastest and easiest FREE way to boost your credibility, establish your expertise, increase your Google ranking, and make more sales.

And thanks to Article Submitter, you can grab all of these benefits without breaking a sweat! You can quickly and easily post your free articles to dozens of the Internet's best article sites right from within your copy of Article Submitter.

Like most other courses and products at BodyworkBiz, I offer a 100% money back guarantee. Get the software and use it. If at any point you decide that you have not received incredible value, then just drop me a note with your customer number or receipt and I'll refund everything you've paid, no questions asked. You really can't lose in giving it a try.

Want To Get This Software For Free?

Although I'm happy to sell this software as a stand alone product to anyone who wants it, I feel that you would best benefit by having someone guide you through the process of publishing articles online and offline to build your massage or bodywork practice.

To do this I've developed one of the most comprehensive courses for making the most of this strategy. I'll give you a blueprint and walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

I'll make sure that you get the absolute best return for every dollar you spend in marketing with articles. And I'll make sure that you don't waste your time barking up the wrong trees.

I'll also be available, via a discussion list I've set up specifically for this course, to answer any question that might come up in the process.

And as a participant in the BodyworkBiz Article Marketing e-course, I'll give you a opy of this software absolutely FREE as a bonus for signing up.

Click here for more information on the Article Marketing for Massage Professionals e-Course and get the Article Submitter software for free.