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Becoming A Publisher, Writer & Recognized Expert In Massage Is Easier Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Are you buying advertising that just isn't working for you?

You're not alone. Advertising is generally ineffective. There is so much advertising clutter that readers skip over most ads, ignoring them as they flip through pages of their magazines (or scroll down their browser windows) to read the articles.

Let me rephrase that last sentence: Readers SKIP ADS to READ ARTICLES.

Now wouldn't it be great if you could stop paying for ads and get coverage in those articles?

Not only is this possible, but it's easy to do!

You'll never spend money advertising online or offline again once you discover the secrets of using articles to get exposure, build your expert status and grow your practice.

Article Marketing for Massage Professionals is a comprehensive e-course that will show you exactly, with step-by-step instructions, how to integrate this powerful marketing strategy in your massage business. Plus you'll get bonus software to facilitate the process.

Think Like A Potential Client For Just A Second...

Imagine that you're online searching for "pregnancy massage" or maybe even "pregnancy pains". You do a Google search and find an article titled "Secrets to a Pain-Free Pregnancy". You click through and check out the article, which gives you some valuable information on using massage to decrease the discomforts of pregnancy.

At the end of that content article, there's a small paragraph that tells about the author, their expertise in this area and a link to their website for more information...

What do you think the chances are that you would click that link?

I'm sure you'd agree the chances are VERY high. You're going to have a visitor to your site who is interested in your services.

And it's not just any ordinary visitor. This is a laser-targeted visitor who is, in essence, a prime candidate for your services! And because you've positioned yourself as an expert in this area by writing the article, this visitor is going to be highly predisposed to using your services over any other massage professional.

This same applies whether the person finds your article online or in a print publication.

But Isn't Writing Articles Hard?

The Article Marketing for Massage Professionals e-course will show you exactly how to write articles - professional caliber ones - that get published all over the internet!

You're probably a bit nervous when it comes to article writing. Maybe you've never written an article before...

Don't worry. In the innovative blueprint you're going to uncover here, you'll have absolutely no fear. This system for writing is so easy that anyone can do it - even if you failed high school English. There isn't any complicated writing systems or big focus sessions involved in creating your articles.

Why not get started now?

What If I Just Don't Want To Write?

Well, there's still hope for you yet!

I'll also show you how you can acquire original content for your articles at dirt cheap rates that you can put your own name on and claim as your own. And it's all completely legal and ethical.

You'll also learn the secrets of working with ghostwriters for creating article content that's 100% unique, meaning you're the ONLY person on the Internet with it. This is a technique that high-level politicians, celebrities and movie stars often use to write books and I'll explain exactly how this is done. Once again, this is perfectly legal and ethical and will make your life very easy if you're just not interested in writing.

Your Plan Of Action For Getting Hoards Of Readership, Credibility And Traffic For Free

If you're going to get free traffic from your articles, you need to get them out to the public and get them published. That may sound a bit intimidating and may even sound like it requires a huge investment of your time...but it doesn't!

In fact, you're going to learn how to get more traffic and recognition than you can handle with a very minimal investment of time.

In the bonus teleclass recording you'll get with this e-course, I'll give you a concrete example from my own experience. I'll show you exactly how I got an article published in two large regional health publications to get massive exposure for my business. The total time invested including writing and submission: 20 minutes.

What's Included In This Breakthrough System?

You're going to learn the system that has worked for me personally for years to:

Get broad exposure that would have otherwise cost me thousands and thousands of dollars in advertising dollars
Establish my position as a recognized expert
Get customers and increase my sales
Create targeted traffic to my website
Increase my website rankings

You'll receive...

The Article Marketing for Massage Professionals e-Course. A comprehensive, easy to understand course that covers almost every aspect of online article marketing: From writing the articles, to publishing the articles, to getting the greatest financial return from your time investment. I'll detail all the steps you need to take with material specifically geared towards massage therapists and bodyworkers. Lessons will be delivered to your inbox daily for about one month and you'll have online access to the entire course archives anytime.

And these bonuses...

Article Marketing for Massage Professionals e-Book. If you prefer to print the instructions out, I've compiled most of the e-course lessons into a comprehensive e-book. This is in response to feedback from past customers that want to print up all the material at once for offline reading. This is not a skinny little report. It's over 100 pages of solid "tell me exactly what to do to make it happen" content.
Article Submitter Software. This is really incredible. I've obtained the distribution rights to a piece of software that I personally use to help me with submitting my articles to online article directories. You'll want to submit articles to online article directories for reasons you'll find out about in this course. Submitting to each directory manually is the most tedious part of the process and this software will semi-automate the submission process. It takes me just a fraction of the time it would take to do manually. It contains the submission pages for 163 directories and will automatically enter your article and contact information into each of these. This software sells for $47 to $99 on other sites (don't take my word for it). And it's yours at no cost when you order the Article Marketing for Massage Professionals e-course.
Bonus teleclass recordings and/or transcripts. I'll cover additional material including specific information for submitting articles to print publications in a number of teleclass recordings that will also be transcribed for easy reference.
And a free set of Ginsu knives. Just kidding! I know I'm sounding like a salesman, but I just feel that it's in your best interests to get this course.

You'll have access to all of this for a full year. These resources include pretty much all you really need to execute this powerful marketing strategy that I've tailored for massage professionals.


"Since listening to the Article Marketing Teleclass [included in the Article Marketing program], I've had an article published in a new, local woman's newspaper. It came out about two weeks ago. It's been my dream since I was about 12 years old to be published somehow, somewhere. And now I am! I know that if I hadn't listened to that teleclass, I would not have had the nerve or confidence to do what I did. So far, I've got two calls for a massage from the article. I have a large supply of the newspapers at my studio and I've been giving one to each client when they leave, telling them to look for my article.

Thanks Eric,"

- Meryl

100% Guaranteed...

This information is designed specifically for massage professionals - look at what some others are charging for more general information. (Egads! That's the second competitor's link I've put on this page. What am I thinking?!) Actually I'll save you the trouble of going to the site. This particular company charges $379 plus shipping for common article marketing information and software to facilitate the process.

You'll soon discover...

How to create articles that people love, even if you don't write them
The 10-minute a day article marketing success secret
How to be the #1 expert in your market without writing loads of content
Secret ways to grab articles without writing them that you can put your name on
How to generate more traffic than you could possibly imagine without spending a dime
How to guarantee that your articles get widely published effortlessly
And much more including bonus materials and valuable article submission software...

Oh yes, the guarantee... As with every e-course at BodyworkBiz, I encourage you to try it out. Not for a day or a week, but for as long as you think it necessary to properly evaluate it. If you don't see results from implementing the strategies in this course, then just contact me and ask for a refund and I'll take care of it right away for you with no questions asked. It's that simple.