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Massage Class In A Box

A Complete Massage Workshop Presentation Kit


Do massage workshops for additional income, to educate the public, to move people into your practice or just for fun. It couldn't be easier with the Massage Class in a Box package - a complete workshop presentation kit.

Okay! It doesn't really come in a box, but this package provides you with everything you need to produce your own massage workshops - everything, but the classroom.

Among other things, this package includes:


  • Ads, marketing materials and press releases that you can instantly personalize and print on your own printer
  • Instructions and checklists for designing and formatting the workshop to meet your needs
  • Detailed teaching notes
  • Teaching strategies and guidelines for managing your class effectively
  • Illustrated class handouts that can be personalized with your very own contact information and copied for your participants' reference

This incredible collection of resources makes it super-easy for you to run and profit from your very own workshop.



Unlike most introductory massage classes where participants need to undress or need to work on the floor (unless you go to the trouble of supplying everyone with tables), the Massage Class in a Box workshop is super practical:
  • All the techniques in this workshop are done over the clothing and are taught with the participants sitting in standard chairs. This makes it incredibly accessible to anyone.
  • There is no discomfort associated with disrobing -people remain clothed
  • You don't need to supply tables or other special equipment - a standard chair is all that's needed
  • No messy oils are used
  • You can do it practically anywhere - from your reception room or a client's home to a church basement or a trade show floor
  • All techniques are easy to understand and teach
  • Almost anyone can do these techniques - they've been taught to kids, seniors and even the wheelchair-bound
  • It consists of 11 separate modules and can be taught in various formats from one-hour "lunch and learns" to weekend workshops
All course materials are online and available for you to customize and download anytime at the touch of a button.

What's included...

Here's a taste of what you'll get:
  • Detailed teaching notes for all techniques, scripted for your reference. You'll never be lost for words and will know exactly what to say.
  • Student class notes that you can copy for handouts. The illustrated notes consist of line drawings with brief descriptions of techniques for the students to take home. Simply print and photocopy the segments you need. These can be customized with your contact information so that your name and phone number are readily accessible.
  • Marketing materials: Sample press releases, 8½ x 11" posters that you can customize, sample ads, etc.
  • Comprehensive checklists to ensure it's all done right
  • Plus complete instructions on how to design, market, sell, run, manage, teach and benefit financially from your workshop.

Here are some of the things you'll learn in the Massage Class in a Box program:

Why teach a class?
Why seated massage?
Designing the class
Adapting the material to meet your markets needs
Workshop formats: Under one hour; Evening workshops; Full day workshops; Weekend workshops
Create a title
Let others do the work
Call on your current clients
Cross-promotion with other related professionals
Sell to corporate clients
Finding a location
Setting class fees
How to determine the class size
Registration how to's
Room set up
Teaching the class
Setting the stage
A proven teaching approach
Managing the class
Scripted teaching notes
Maximize profit from your workshop
Front end and back end sales
Converting participants to clients
Selling products

It would take countless hours to put together a workshop on your own.

Use the Massage Class in a Box presentation kit and you'll have everything you need to make your workshop a success - available at the click of a button.