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Client Educational Newsletters For Your Massage Business...

A client education newsletter is a powerful practice-building tool. Now you can have high quality newsletters customized with your personal information within seconds at just a small fraction of the cost of producing it yourself with First Hand News client education newsletters.

See how you can customize your Client Education Newsletters in seconds...

Watch this short video and see how easy it is to have a library of personalized client education newsletters at your fingertips:

A First Hand News client education newsletter will help you:

Educate your clients about the scope of your practice
Increase usage of massage by existing clients
Establish your expertise and reinforce your professionalism
Keep you at the top of your client's mind
Improve client retention
Boost referrals from existing clients
Educate key referral sources such as chiropractors, doctors and physical therapists
Provide handouts with exercises, stretches and other great self-care advice
Promote your practice at seminars, workshops, shows and networking events

The newsletters can be obtained online with a few keystrokes. Fill in a simple form to personalize your newsletter and it's ready to print. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3.

There are topics to suit any kind of practice, whether you are a chair massage practitioner working in corporate boardrooms, a massage therapist specializing in treatment or a massage professional who takes a more holistic approach to your work.

How Does this Newsletter Thing Work?

There will be dozens to choose from in the near future. This is not a subscription. You can pick and choose whatever works best for you. You can pick just one newsletter that is relevant to you and your clients or multiple newsletters to carry out an ongoing promotion. Just add your favorites to your shopping cart and follow the simple instructions to check out.

When you purchase a BodyworkBiz client education newsletter, you will be sent an email that will give you simple instructions on how to download and save the newsletter on your computer. Presto! It's yours. Anytime you need a copy, either as a master copy to photocopy or an individual copy for a client, you just open that newsletter on your computer, fill in a simple form to personalize the newsletter with your contact information and print out a copy on your printer. You can print as few or as many as you like. Unlike other newsletters available on the market, you don't have to worry about your original being damaged or lost. And if you move and change your practice name or your practice location, you don't need to repurchase originals. Just start up your computer, open the file, put the new information in the form and your updated newsletter is ready to go.

If you don't have a printer of your own, you can always save the file to a disk. Bring the disk to a friend's place, an Internet cafe, or a business center and print it there.


"WOW! To see my name on something so professionally done blew my socks off. Name your price. Definitely worth the money."

Joan Ross

Personalized Easily

What's amazing about the newsletter is your ability to personalize various aspects of the newsletter. It looks like you've produced it yourself. There is nothing to identify that it was obtained through a third party. It appears extremely professional and raises your image.

Most massage therapists will put their name or company name and/or phone number just below the banner on the first page. The contact information is prominent so clients can contact you immediately.

On the second page of the newsletter, there are four lines that you can personalize. You can print really anything you like: your address, your clinic locations, your hours, your contact information like phone, fax and cell phone numbers, email, web address, etc.

You could even use these lines to create a short promotional message. For example, at holiday time you may want to inform your clients that you have gift certificates available, or you may want to promote an upcoming massage workshop that you are conducting. You can even put in notes for specific clients, for example, specific exercise instructions. What a way to make an impression!

There's no need to pay a designer each time you need something changed. And there's no need to do costly redesign if you move. Simply open up the web page, enter the new information and print up a new copy.

Try it for Free, Right Now!

Click here to get access to a free trial issue.

Give it a try. Fill out the online form, print it out and use it in your practice today.

Incredible Value

It would cost hundreds of dollars to produce your own professional looking newsletter, not to mention the time involved in writing, editing and consulting with illustrators and designers. Newsletter production can run anywhere from $500 to about $1,000 depending on the number of illustrations and the complexity of the design. Although I've invested heavily in newsletter production for my own massage clinics (that's how effective I personally believe they are), most massage therapists just don't have the resources to create something that's a true reflection of the quality and professionalism of their practice.

I know that most therapists probably couldn't imagine even investing 1/10th of that amount - $50 to $100 - on a newsletter. That's why I've made sure that these newsletters are priced within anyone's reach. Don't be fooled though. The fact that they are dirt-cheap is absolutely no reflection of their quality.

How can we offer these newsletters so cheaply? Say thanks to the Internet! Because we can make these newsletters available on the web, our distribution cost is very low. There's no stuffing envelopes, no data entry, no shipping costs, no postage, a minimal amount of advertising - and we can pass these savings on to you.

We've thought through the process so you can have an invaluable resource that's affordable from every perspective. Consider the black and white format: Creating a black and white format makes it easy to print out on your own printer or photocopy inexpensively at a quick print shop. You don't need any special paper and you can get a good quality copy even with a low-end printer.

Unlike some suppliers that we've used in the past, you don't have to buy a minimum of 100, 200 or 500 copies and you are not tied into any subscription plan. You can get a summary of the content of each issue so that you can decide whether it's relevant for you before buying. Why purchase copies that you are not going to use? You just print or photocopy exactly what you need and save your money.


Just a little note to tell you thanks so much for the Client Newsletters. They're purchased, customized for my practice, and printed! I've started a mailing today. I was a little hesitant to purchase the newsletters, but after receiving them I can only say WOW! I only have to do one massage to cover the cost of the letters and the return will be unbelievable.

Thank you again,

Shirley Miscevich

Only the Best

First Hand News newsletters are professionally written and designed to make you look good. Experienced massage professionals write them. The benefits of massage are communicated in a clear and compelling way. An editorial committee reviews the text and the completed copy is given to a professional proofreader for final editing. So you know that the information is relevant, researched and accurate.

A trained medical illustrator does illustrations. Beverly Ransom who has illustrated numerous books including Mosby's Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage by Sandy Fritz has been hired to join the team. She's recognized for an uncomplicated style that communicates ideas in a very simple and straightforward way.

The design is done by Toronto firm Metamorphosis. They've come up with a clean and professional look for the final product. The design makes the newsletter easy to read, whether your client sits down to absorb the whole document or whether they skim through to catch the key benefits.

A two-page format was chosen so that you don't need special paper to print on. The format also saves on printing or photocopy costs. It's just the right amount of information for people's busy lifestyles.

There's no doubt about it. Dollar for dollar, nothing beats the value of a client education newsletter in developing and building a successful practice and a strong group of loyal clients. And with the First Hand News newsletter from BodyworkBiz, there is no easier way to start using them today.