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TIP #246 - Upscale Your Image With Full Color Business Cards

Use full color business cards. Test after test however, have shown them to be worth much, much more than the extra expense to print them.

It's true that glossy full color business cards are a little more expensive than a regular card printed on ordinary paper, but the cost is inconsequential. Does it really matter if the cost goes up from one cent to two cents? Hardly.

They are valuable for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they give you an almost instant boost in credibility. They do this by upscaling your business in your prospect's eyes. Let's face it... they look more professional; they look higher class.

This is particularly important in an industry like massage where we are selling an intangible service. Potential customers can kick the tires when they're checking out a new car, but they can't kick you. They have nothing to judge you on but the visual image that you present. So the materials that represent you must be of the highest quality to represent the quality of your service.

Another benefit is that people hold on to glossy full color business cards much longer on average than black and white ones - ten times as long according to one survey. I guess because they look more expensive, people are just hesitant to throw them out.

Be sure to check out the great color business cards available on the BodyworkBiz website with images chosen specifically for you.


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