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TIP #248 - Using A "Birthday Club" In Order To Get Clients On My Table

I started a "Birthday Club" and ask people to sign up for it during all networking opportunities or whenever I give out my business card. This is how it works:

During the month of their birthday they can receive a discount (I give 20%) on any of my services. I send out a reminder postcard at the beginning of their birthday month. Therefore, I need to collect mailing addresses and birthday months. This gives me permission to add them to my database, which is used solely for periodic "specials" and future contact information. Besides increasing my database, this keeps my name in front of all potential clients even before their birthday arrives.

Since birthdays are a perfect time for someone to "treat" themselves I find that the added discount is the deciding factor for a potential client to get a massage. Once they have been under my hands on my massage table, this good experience is verbalized to friends in the form of a referral. As we all know in the work we do, a referral is the best source of potential clients. This method of approaching potential clients has taken me out of my "circle of friends" and into the community at-large.

I now send out about 14-25 reminder Birthday Club cards per month and end up seeing at least 50% of those people on my massage table with at least 25% of them returning again some time within the year following their birthday.

Generously contributed by: Shirl Lotz, LMT, Newark, Delaware


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