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Fill Your Practice 101 Day Program Results

Here's what customers have to say...

"I have increased my clientele five times over last year..."

"I enrolled in both of your 101-Day programs. I have increased my clientele FIVE TIMES over last year. "Giving to get" makes me lots of $$! You may be right also about teachers. They need us. I will be going to schools now because there were teachers there. I use my chair at any women's gathering I can run across. Recently I was at a "Scrap Book" party and got paid well for my time.

As a male therapist I was worried about succeeding but not any more. I have the upper hands now. Just got to use what God gave me and what you taught me (and charm goes along way). I liked your style. It was very personal and kept your attention."

Earl "Bull" Tullock, LMT
Ft. Walton Beach, Florida


"I have recommended your course to two LMT's in the past month..."

"I was an accountant (and a CEO of a Defense company) prior to becoming a massage therapist so I have an extensive business background. In spite of that I was not feeling successful in my marketing efforts. Your course has helped, as it is right on the mark to this field.

I have recommended your course to two LMT's in the past month and just yesterday I referred a local Chiropractor to your website. Although the course is geared to massage, I think it applies to all bodyworkers and the unique way in which we have to market our service."

Louanne Abelquist, LMT
Port Jefferson, New York


"Clients that I haven't seen in years call me up..."

"I have taken a few marketing courses designed at filling your practice, but none of them were as well thought out as yours. You have provided a great service for those in the massage business.

I was asked on the discussion board why would I take this course when I already had a very successful practice. My answer was two-fold. If I spend the money and get just one new client from this course, I have made money. Second, if I take this course and find it was helpful/beneficial, I could fell comfortable referring it to other therapist. I feel very comfortable referring this course to others.

I have used a few of the ideas that I had not thought or done yet. I helped a non-profit raise funds. Did it work? I became the 'poster child' for the non-profit and had my face all over the county (poster, buses, billboards). I have clients that I haven't seen in years call me up to make appointments.

In total, I feel it was very beneficial to take this course. It was presented in a way that made it interesting and encouraging. I remember coming into the office and saying, "I wonder what Eric sent today?" I looked forward to the e-mails.

I also look forward to the other courses you are working on. Keep up the great work!"

J. Dale Newman, LMT
Everett, Washington



"Even works in Africa..."

"Congratulations with your e-courses. I have one more week to go with 'Fill Your Practice 101' and with the '260 Tips'. Your courses have given me so many perspectives and ideas. I learned so much and could see where I went wrong in my practice. During the five months of the course I applied only some of the ideas and it works wonders - and this only with my existing clients, so there is still a whole field out here to conquer. It gave me and my employees a different perspective and motivation. Simply your approach to asking the clients to 'rebook' already had a great impact. Mostly they do. And we now do a follow-up - the clients feel special and appreciate the attention they get. As a result we get more referrals. It also shows that these techniques are universal and even work in Africa (Namibia).

I now have my hands full in applying the marketing strategies and am busy planning the year. You often refer to Chair Massage and I'm starting to get the picture. I bought a massage chair and I want to purchase the chair massage e-course to see how I can apply it in Namibia. I know it will be worth every dollar. I would be the first one bringing this out in this country."

Ludo Vanhees, Anicca Relaxation
Namibia, Africa


"This course has picked up where my massage training left off..."

"I completed my massage training less than a month ago. Although my training was first rate, I received very little information on how to build a successful business. In searching the Internet I discovered the web site for BodyworkBiz and the email course, "Filling Your Practice 101". I signed up for the course and have been receiving daily lessons.

Each morning, I look forward to that day's lesson. It is much like having Eric stop by for morning coffee, I read the entire lesson, then go back and reread it and digest each piece of wisdom. I have found the course to be very informative and most enjoyable. This course has picked up, where my massage training left off.

I'm looking forward to building a successful business and would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge."

Buddy Keaton
Amarillo, Texas


"No idea how powerful your work actually is..."

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the Fill Your Practice 101 course! From the very first day of orientation I was hooked! I woke up everyday and immediately got on my computer to check my email for my next lesson. It was like Christmas for 101 days! For the small amount of money that we had to pay for this course, it may as well have been a gift. You gave us every scenario and detail we would ever need to get through the business of massage with ease.

I've gotten at least 2 new clients per week with this course, and I'm keeping them too. Getting them in is only the first step. The course makes it so easy for you to see how to take care of your clients. I've gotten big accounts by offering discounts for long-term commitments. This course would cost $1000's of dollars anywhere else, and believe me, it would be worth it. If someone wants to grow and retain their client base, then they can't afford not to purchase this course!

I also took the course on Workshops, which I absolutely loved too! Your work is so powerful, and I feel as though I know you personally. You have been the most influential teacher in my massage business, and I've grown leaps and bounds with your advice. Not only with the clients that I've gotten using all of your wonderful ideas, but I've grown spiritually and personally, also. I know you don't teach spirituality, and I have no idea where you stand on that matter, but you've really helped to open up my mind to new experiences on so many levels!

Thanks to your wonderful courses, I have a thriving table practice, and a booming chair practice, and I'm a better person for it! WOW. I bet you had no idea how powerful your work actually is, heh? All the best to you and your staff, I know you've given your best to me."

Michelle Spencer
Bountiful, Utah


"I teach business and recommend your course to each and every student..."

"I teach a business class at a massage school and I recommend your course to each and every student I teach. I am attempting to get the school to contact you regarding making your program a part of each of the class. I believe you present valuable and concise information in a format that can easily be implemented, and for those with little or not training it makes the process of being a business owner much easier.

Thank you Eric! Your program is amazing!"

Amy, North Atlanta Massage Center


"Prompts clients into booking ahead..."

"I have found that asking people to book for their next appointment works. I have implemented your idea to tell people about my "health program" of massage. So by letting people know more about the benefits of massage and out right asking people to book for another appointment, it prompts the clients into booking ahead. I have also followed up with a phone call too after their massage, which has been appreciated."

Elaine McArthur


"I wouldn't have thought of this on my own..."

"I had recently hand delivered nice flyers to approximately 700 homes, put up flyers in coffee houses, at the gym, and advertised in 4 different community newsletters, before I read the info advising to stop advertising because it doesn't work! Well, it really doesn't work as I have gained one client from all that advertising. I am anxious to start getting the word out there with your suggestions. I wouldn't have thought of these ideas on my own and after reading them, they do make sense. I fully intend to utilize these ideas, and I'll be on my way!


Joan Robinson, Calgary



"My business is now supporting me..."

"I've been operating my business in a depressed area and was seriously considering moving so that I can continue to do what I love. Since taking the Fill Your Practice 101 course, I have seen a number of new clients come in my door and have enticed some past clients to return. I'm at a point now where my business is now supporting me - there's still room for more, but I'm heading in the right direction. Your straightforward and logical ideas really filled the bill."

Leann Cherris
Campbell River, British Columbia


"Wonderful program..."

"By using the "Treat Your Practice As A Patient" idea, I have been able to focus on those clients who are really repeat, practice builders. I realized, by carefully organizing my client database, that 20% of my clients are providing about 82% of my income. I increased my client cultivation in that group and have started sending reactivation letters to those who have lapsed! Thanks, Eric! Wonderful program."

Denise G. Eldred, LMT
Winsted, Conneticut


"No filler, just down to earth advice..."

"Fill Your Practice 101 is simply the best marketing program I found for any massage therapist hoping to build their practice. It is full of sound, practical, and easy to follow ideas that will help you develop your clientele and grow a professional practice. Fill Your Practice 101's hints and ideas are presented simply and clearly. There was no filler, just down to earth advice. Even if you implement only half of what is presented, your practice can only thrive and grow."

Martyn Luberti, CMT


"I rarely write endorsements, but feel compelled..."

"I purchased your program for my son and ended up reading every lesson myself. My intention was simply to become knowledgeable about building a massage business and be able to encourage and support my son in his efforts.

I rarely write endorsement letters but I feel compelled to express what a quality product you have put together. As a professional educator and technical trainer I have been in the business of educating people for almost 20 years. I found your program to be highly engaging, well organized and extremely professional. It was well worth every dollar I spent and more!

You are providing a very valuable service to the massage community. Thank you!"

Denise DeFranco
Phoenix, Arizona

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