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Our Guarantee

If you aren't absolutely delighted with any BodyworkBiz product or course and don't feel that you've received great value and/or many times return on your investment then you don't pay. It's as simple as that.

We won't ask for an explanation, we won't make it difficult; we won't even put a time limit on it. The procedure is simple and you can find out how to get your money back by clicking here. We want you to be secure in your decision to purchase from us and be assured that you are getting your money's worth.

We are also aware that purchasing "e-Products" over the Internet is a new experience for many of you and as a result you may have some initial fear or skepticism. Having a liberal guarantee like this removes all risk in trying these products. It also keeps our customer satisfaction rates incredibly high, keeps us on our toes and forces us to produce the absolutely best courses and products possible.

What's the time limit on the guarantee? 30 days? 90 days? Six months?

There's no time limit. Try any of our products or take any of the courses - the whole thing - even our 101-Day Programs that are done over a five-month period. Put the ideas to work. If you are unhappy for any reason, we'll refund the entire course fee. No questions asked.

And we won't stop there. We'll take the money-back guarantee for our 5-Day and 101-Day programs even a step farther. You see, it may take a while to really see the results from implementing the strategies in these powerful courses. So stick with it for at least a year. If after that time you don't feel that you've gotten many times return on your investment in the course, let us know and we will not only refund your money, we will pay you the cost of the course just for trying - that's double your money back!

I know what you're thinking, "Get out of town! How can you offer to double my money back?"

I understand. It's a bold guarantee. Just try to find any other marketing expert who is confident enough in their skills to make that promise!

But we feel so confident in the effectiveness of these programs that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. If these programs don't help move you closer to success then we're the losers, not you.

So feel secure in your decision and give these unique marketing courses and products a try today.

Update: For over a decade I've been extremely liberal with my guarantee. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of my generousity and that ruins it for everyone. I want to make it clear that the BodyworkBiz guarantee is a "satisfaction guarantee".

Recently I've had refund requests from people that need Christmas spending money, people who have changed work situations, I even had someone who had purchased a course five years ago write to say they were leaving the profession and request a refund because they no longer needed to the course in their new career. Although I've refunded these people in the past, I think you'd agree that this is not in the spirit of guarantee which was developed to ensure that customers are fully satisfied with the quality and applicability of the course material. So moving forward, these particular types of refund requests will not be processed.