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TIP #247 - Use Your Car As A Mobile Billboard

Your car gets seen by hundreds of people every day as you drive around. Why not use it to promote your business?

I was speaking to a colleague yesterday who took a break from massage for a year to go back to his old job in the television industry. He stopped actively marketing his chair massage business. But even though he's stopped selling to corporations, he continues to get calls for contracts and outsources the work to other chair massage professions.

How do people hear about him?

From ads he has placed on his car. Take a look at the pictures and you'll see what I mean.

And he's not the first person who has told me about getting clients by having signs on their car. I've talked to a number of people who use large magnetic signs that they place on their cars doors. These can be purchased at almost any sign shop.

Another therapist felt that they had better results with their tire cover - you know the covers that go over tires on the back of trucks. Because drivers are behind you, they have more time to read your message and get your phone number or website address. Again, almost any sign company can do this for you. They can simply put your information over any message that's already on your existing tire cover. It's inexpensive and probably won't cost much more than a one-hour massage.

Of course, there are vanity license plates. Notice the "FEELGOOD" plate in the picture above and the way he's integrated it into a message. You can get customized plates from your State or Province. Alternatively, you can simply order a Customized license plate holder for less than $20.

Windshield decals are also inexpensive. You can put a short advertising message and your website address or phone number in front of other drivers. Like the tire covers, they are highly visible to drivers who are behind you.

Another therapist contacted me with yet another idea. She asked me what I thought about advertising on top of our cars. It's just wasted space otherwise. There are a lot of people who work in 3, 4, or 5 storey buildings who look out their windows through the day. If they saw an ad on top of a car, it would likely get their attention.

When using your car as a moving billboard, remember that your message has to be short and sweet. Unless you are parked, people will be seeing it only briefly. For that reason, I'd suggest only your name (or a "headline") and your number. Notice in the pictures above that it's only a logo and an easy to remember 800-number. As an alternative to a phone number, advertise your website name. Most people won't write your number down as they're driving and a web address will be much easier to remember.