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Join the Research and Development Team

Feeling creative? Want to be part of something cool? I'm starting a Research and Development Team to assist me with the development of new courses and products for the BodyworkBiz website.

With about 14,000 subscribers (as the writing of this page), I'm guessing that we have about 70,000 years of collective experience. Wouldn't it be great to harness all that life/business experience to create super-effective programs that truly work in the real world?

Every visitor to BodyworkBiz is, in effect, part of our R&D Team, given you are usually the first to test and use our programs, concepts, products and e-services. BodyworkBiz members are quite generous with their time by responding with suggestions, ideas, corrections/typos and solutions.

That said, I know that some of you would have a great time by becoming a bit more involved in the creation side of the new stuff we come up with. So I'd like to invite you to join me as a contributing member of the BodyworkBiz Research and Development Team.

The purpose of the R&D Team is to experiment, explore, and have some fun. This is a terrific opportunity to join the game, play with your colleagues and contribute your insights, thoughts and ideas into the development of some really amazing practice-building resources. I'll share my ideas and experience, you share your ideas and experience and we all benefit.

I've never been crazy about formal policies, but here are some expectations:

You will receive occassional emails from me asking for feedback, thoughts, ideas, suggestions, etc. How often? Whenever creativity strikes or an issue arises.
If you could take 5 minutes to read the email and respond, that would be outstanding! If you can't, you can't. Your one comment could make an enormous difference -- in the direction of a project, the clarity of a concept, or in other key ways. Don't feel like you have to write volumes, write well, or be an expert.
Please be completely honest, but also constructive and civil. I love to be challenged. I don't love complaining, so if you see problems or have issues, please provide some possible solutions.
You have to be comfortable with sharing. I may use ideas, strategies, suggestions, or other material that you share with me on my websites, in courses or as part of some kind of "intellectual property" This will be done without credit or remuneration, unless we agree upon something beforehand.
I highly value your ideas. I would pay you a salary to be part of the R&D team, but I can't. I'll do our best to ensure that R&D Team members have access to the materials that I produce with your help either for free or at a very reduced price. You'll be the first one invited to pilot or test courses and programs.
Legally, I'll be the copyright holder/owner of any intellectual property produced as a result of R&D Team contributions or teleconferences. Be sure that you're comfortable with this approach before joining.
The ideas and strategies that are presented to you, asking for feedback and comments, are for your eyes only. Please respect confidentiality.
You may or may not receive a response from me. Please do not be offended if you don't. The volume of email is sometimes overwhelming. Please know that every email received will be read with great appreciation.


Want to join? Simply fill out the form below and then respond to the confirmation email. That's it!


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If you ever find that the volume of email you get is too much or if you are just not having fun as part of the team, you can stop anytime you like. Just click the unsubscribe button on the bottom of any email you receive.

Looking forward to working with you,

Eric Brown, Director