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Teach Massage Workshops Program Results

Here's What Participants Have To Say!


"Here's how the 5-Day Program helped me:

1. It gave me a sense of how effective teleconference/transcript learning sessions can be.
2. It has given me confidence that I can put on a workshop or lunch/learn session. I just need the confidence to tell myself I can teach! You have given me the know-how to do the rest.
3. Good to hear experiences from other people. Obviously these are people committed to the work. It is always good to network with people of like-mind.
4. A convenient way to learn.


For my needs, everything was covered from the beginning to the end of the process. I like the lessons on teaching techniques and getting feedback. The discussion about "difficult students" and some of the practical aspects of teaching was great.

The 5-day format worked very well. I was able to re-arrange my schedule to participate in most of the phone calls and certainly read all the lessons and transcripts as they arrived. The lessons were presented in a brief format to provide just enough new information. It was not a chore to read the lessons and participate in this program and the benefits are tremendous.

I have made a binder of all the lessons and the transcripts as a personal reference and workbook.

The teleconference calls were great. They were well-run and made for great discussions. The transcripts were a real bonus. It's such an easy way to connect with people across the country.

I have made a couple of my clients / prospects aware that I am working on a lunch and learn program. I haven't put anything together yet, but I believe that is the area I will work on first.

It is very do-able and new approach to my existing business. Hey, it's fun too.

Thanks everyone, particularly Eric, for sharing the experience of teleconference learning. I look forward to utilizing some of the ideas and giving my business another dimension."

Liz Batson, Chair Massage Practitioner



"A friend of mine (who has an Esthetic Salon) asked me to do a training workshop on Foot Massage. I immediately said "YES" and it was because of your 5-Day Teach Massage workshop. It gave me good ideas how to organize the workshop and the type of information to teach in an easy to understand step-by-step way. It gave me the confidence to teach!

Although I was working all the time during the phone call hours, the transcripts were invaluable and gave me a lot of good information."

Thank you,

Eva Dudas, Reflexologist



"Personally, I tend to want to do everything all at once. This programme is really going to help me focus - do one step at a time and do each step properly. Everything that I needed was in the programme (I think). All of the links that you provided were great. The information from the other participants was also really valuable.

I loved the 5-Day format. The teleconference calls added a lot to the programme. It is SO reassuring to know that the same things I am going through and/or thinking are almost universal. Caring and giving people are the greatest.

I have already begun talking up and seeking input as to the kind of workshops my customers would like. "Sisters Touching Sisters" will soon be a go. A couple's workshop is also in the planning stage. I will be busy!"

Joan Ross



"I picked up some confidence that I *can* do this kind of stuff, from the first day!! I also learned a couple of new ways to deal with "trouble students" (besides simply staring at them). It helped me consider more possibilities.

It was good to actually talk to other therapists & get immediate feedback to ideas & comments. And let's face it, Eric, it was definitely a cool way to learn something! (I told several people about it, & all of them thought it sounded like an unusual, fun way to do it.)

I've talked to a couple of people I'd be interested in working with to put together a workshop on massage, stretching, & exercise for bodybuilders & weightlifters. I'm taking the steps to accomplish it. Also compiling lists of other places/audiences I'd like to reach, mainly for the back end results of adding clients to my practice.

Any time you wanna do it again, I'm game!! Take care -- thanks bunches -- feel free to contact me*whenever*."

Michele Hofstetter
Nurse Massage Therapist



"The 5-Day Teach Massage Program not only got me motivated to get started on teaching but also helped by breaking it down step by step. The added links were also very helpful.

I looked forward to receiving each day's lesson. The information I received was wonderful. It was laid out in simple terms that made it easy to follow and understand. Unfortunately I was unable to join in on the calls. I found having the transcripts sent to us very valuable, which would mean that the calls were definitely useful.

I have people already asking for me to teach them so I'll take some time to prepare and start booking classes. I will be approaching a variety of places (and I have so many ideas now) and get things started. I am very excited and motivated.

I just want to add that I appreciate all you have done to help us to succeed. Thank you seems like such an inadequate word when I think of all the help you have been. With great respect I again say thank you for everything."

Marie Whitney



"The 5-Day Program was well organized, thoughtful and very helpful. It worked great for me. It was a concentrated focus that stayed current in my mind. The specific steps and discussions about each point were very clear.

It helped me to feel more comfortable going ahead with the idea of presenting massage workshops in my area. I have already taken steps to talk to some possible sites and initial conversations are very promising. I look forward to implementing these programs to increase my client base, provide variety in my work and an additional source of income. I think the teleconference calls were a VERY valuable addition to the program.

I will be presenting some workshops on massage in a couple of school systems in this area as part of their adult continuing education programs and possibly at a couple of country clubs/yacht clubs also. Thanks a bunch for doing this Eric!"

Jerry Levin, Licensed Massage Therapist



"I really enjoyed hearing other therapists talking about what was working for them. Now that I've done the 5-Day Teach Massage course, I've got a couple of ideas cooking in my head about possible workshops to teach.

I also realized that I'm winding down my massage career. I've been doing this for 15 years plus and it's time to start thinking of other things to do. I have a steady clientele so am not looking to build that with the workshops, but to branch out into other areas.

So the information made crystal clear that I'm ready for a change. Thanks for you time and effort."

Marcia Brandt, Licensed Massage Therapist



"The 5-Day Teach Massage program gave me a nice profile and sequence of events to map out both simple as well as complex presentations. Helped to flesh out areas that I was deficient in my own planning. The ideas about how to finance it were very helpful.

I really appreciate the opportunity to participate. I admire the work and creativity and time put into this process. Thank you!"

Robin Cunningham, Licensed Massage Therapist



"This is a very good program. It gives you a solid step-by-step plan. It also helped me appreciate the need to choose my market. The 5-day format is really great. It's focused and simple. The format gives you time to read, think and prepare for the next set of steps. It also gives you time to think how to incorporate the ideas in your personal plans.

The teleconference calls are really fun; hearing people express their ideas and experiences is a real bonus.

I am going to read those notes again and again and apply these ideas in my plans. Thanks."

Diane Michaud, Certified Massage Practitioner




"It was wonderful drawing knowledge from an experienced workshop facilitator, networking with therapists from across the continent, and I especially appreciated your insight regarding "expertise". This has given me the confidence to proceed with workshop ideas for staff, clients, and colleagues.

I feel the five-day format was excellent! Each step clearly outlined the necessary preparation and procedures, as well as identified typical problems and suggested remedies. I certainly appreciate your attentiveness to time, and your control of the sessions, that in itself was a demonstrated teaching tool.

The teleconference calls were absolutely crucial to the success of the program. Like any busy professional, my time is torn between priorities, and I often feel overwhelmed with data. Having an hour scheduled specifically for learning forced me to make this a priority. Comments from others and your responses to those comments were a benefit that perhaps may have been missed had the program been delivered on paper alone.

Through many workshops I've taken, I have gained knowledge that would benefit the other therapists in my clinic, thus, the number one priority is to begin with staff training. We have a fitness gym opening in our building within a month, and educationals provided for the gym members will attract a new clientele. I have more ideas than I do time, BUT what I have gained from this experience is the confidence to proceed in this area, and the realization that I do indeed possess an expertise in the field of massage therapy."

Many thanks,

Diane, Massage Therapist
Ability Massage

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