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e-Marketing For Massage Professionals

This e-course is available as part of the BodyworkBiz Retirement Package. Get pretty much every course and resource on the site for a ridiculously low price. Go here for details:

The No-Hype, Totally Practical, Step-by-Step Guide To Building Your Practice Using The Internet

The Internet is one of the largest untapped resources for building your massage practice. The world is online and they are using the web to find massage professionals in their neighborhoods. Are they going to find you?

This comprehensive program cuts through the hype and provides you with practical, step-by-step guidelines for using the Web to build your massage business. Surprisingly most of the tools that are available to you are low-cost or no-cost.

You'll discover...

How to get your website ranked highly be all the search engines
The fastest and easiest way to rank at the top of Google search results
How to use Facebook and other sites you already use regularly to get new clients
Ways to ramp your word-of-mouth marketing up to warp speed
Why you absolutely need to start making videos
Completely legitimate ways that you can have links to your site syndicated across the Internet
What to do when you get a negative review on an online review site
The most effective place to advertise online
And much more. That's just breaking the surface...

But web marketing seems too complicated, doesn't it? Not anymore.

Even if you don't know a bit from a byte or an FTP from a KFC, this course will make the process of getting clients through the web as simple as 1, 2, 3.

We'll take you step-by-step through the whole process. We'll make using the Internet to grow your business practical, doable and inexpensive. The course is hype-free and provides no-nonsense strategies that work.

And best of all, it's...

Surprisingly easy
Low or no cost
Simple to maintain
Fun to do
Can be fully automated
And will boost your massage income dramatically

Why listen to me?

There are lots (and I mean lots) of people who claim to be Internet marketing experts. They may be well intentioned, but more often than not provide outdated and ineffective ideas based on their limited experience. With me, you have the real deal.

I've written over 100 top-ranking websites for massage professionals. I have tested dozens of strategies on these sites and have tracked the results, so I know what truly works in the real world. I'm also the developer behind Massage Therapy Radio and the World Massage Conference, which is the largest event in the history of massage with about 12,000 paid attendees last year. I pioneered online education in the massage industry with and have written and optimized sites for companies ranging from educators and consultants to software and restaurants. You can be sure you are getting information that is not only relevent and highly effective, but that is presented in a fun, easy to understand way.

Here's the scoop...

This E-Marketing Made Easy e-course was just recently released. Like the other 101-Day courses on this site, lessons will be delivered by email from Monday to Friday each week for approximately five months.

Each lesson is bite-sized and is designed to be read over your morning coffee. The action steps are simply laid out and easy to do. You can pause the lesson delivery at anytime and pick up at a time that's convenient for you.

All lessons will be archived online for your reference anytime and you have a full year of online access.

Help is only a keystroke away

When you are entering an area that is unfamiliar questions often come up that aren't covered in the course. I'm here to help you through all the bumps. I've set up a special discussion list on Facebook where you'll be able to ask me any questions you have. I'll respond to all your questions. There's no question to small, I'll answer them all.

And a bonus...

When you register today, you'll have access to a series of teleconference calls that I've arranged for you throughout the next five months. These are optional, but will enhance your understanding of the material and will allow you to have any questions answered. Each call will involve a short summary of the concepts and strategies covered in the course followed by a Q and A session where you can ask me any question personally. I'll be your personal Internet concierge.

The course will be priced at $199 after the first round of participants finishes in March 2011 and I get testimonials. You can get it right now for just $99.

Order today and put the power of the web to work for you.

Guaranteed to increase your business or your money back. Order today by clicking the order button below...

Here's an outline of the course lessons...

You'll have instant online access to all these lessons:

  • 1. Why the Web?
  • 2. The Big Picture
  • 3. Your Website: The Foundation
  • 4. What To Do If You Don't Have a Website
  • 5. Getting a Date with Google: Search Engine Optimization
  • 6. Google Checks You Out
  • 7. Keywords are Key
  • 8. A Domain of Your Own
  • 9. If a Domain Falls in the Forest
  • 10. Facebook
  • 11. Editing your Facebook Profile
  • 12. Protecting Your Privacy
  • 13. Nobody Likes Lists (Except Smart Facebook Users)
  • 14. The Writing on the Wall
  • 15. Adding Friends
  • 16. Back to Our Date with Google
  • 17. Create Sexy URLs
  • 18. Catching Google's eye: Beautiful Page Titles
  • 19. Getting to Know You: A Compelling Description
  • 20. Writing for the Search Engines
  • 21. Off page optimization: The Power of Links
  • 22. Dress Up Naked Links: Anchor text
  • 23. More Back Linking Basics
  • 24. Make Your Site Shareable
  • 25. Your First Directory
  • 26. Review Sites
  • 27. Bing Business Listing
  • 28. Google Places
  • 29. Yahoo Business Listing
  • 30. Yelping for Clients
  • 31. Analyzing Your Results
  • 32. Other Review Sites of Note
  • 33. Universal Business Listing
  • 34. How To Find Local Review Sites
  • 35. How to Get Reviews
  • 36. Email: The Killer App
  • 37. What's an E-Zine
  • 38. More EZine Tips
  • 39. Maximizing Sign Ups, Opens and Click-Thrus
  • 40. Social Bookmarking
  • 41. Video Marketing
  • 42. Create Your Script (Or Not)...
  • 43. Create Your Video
  • 44. Optimizing and Uploading Your Video to YouTube
  • 45. "Rinse and Repeat" Your Video
  • 46. Article Marketing Basics
  • 47. How to Write and Article in 10 Minutes
  • 48. Create Your Resource Box
  • 49. Finding the Top Article Directories
  • 50. Submitting Your Articles Online
  • Git ‘er Done week...
  • 51. Social Bookmarking Continued.
  • 52. OMG! I got a BAD Review
  • 53. Twitter and Tweets
  • 54. Get Linked In
  • 55. Any Place for MySpace?
  • 56. Facebook Pages: Fans and Groups
  • 57. How to create your Facebook Fan Page
  • 58. Growing Your Fan Base
  • 59. Engaging Your Fans
  • 60. Three Easy Ways to Promote Your Fan Page
  • 61. What's a blog and do you need one
  • 62. Setting up your blog
  • 63. Content for your Blog
  • 64. Promoting Your blog
  • 65. Blog commenting
  • 66. Getting Listed in Directories
  • 67. Business Directories
  • 68. Local Directories
  • 69. Massage directories
  • 70. Blog directories
  • 71. Why press releases?
  • 72. Writing your press release
  • 73. Optimize Your Press Release
  • 74. PR Distribution
  • 75. Take it offline
  • 76. Pay Per Click Advertising
  • 77. Google Adwords
  • 78. Setting Up Your Adwords Ads
  • 79. Facebook Ads
  • 80. How to set up your Facebook ad
  • 81. Microsoft adCenter and other PPCs
  • 82. Forums / discussion lists
  • 83. What is Web 2.0?
  • 84. Squidoo
  • 85. Google Knol
  • 86. Accepting electronic payments
  • 87. The Power of Offline Promotion
  • 88. Reciprocal Linking
  • 89. Groupon and Social Discount Sites
  • 90. Groupon continued...
  • 91. Advanced Video Marketing Tactics 1
  • 92. YouTube Subscriptions Directly from Your Site
  • 93. Put Facebook and Twitter updates on auto pilot
  • 94. Advanced Email Strategies
  • 95. Automating posts to social media sites
  • 96. Cross links and deep links
  • 97. Facebook's Secret Sauce
  • 98. Advanced LinkedIn Strategies
  • 99. Four Little Known Facebook Marketing Secrets
  • 100. More Advanced Facebook Strategies

PS About the guarantee... This course comes with a complete, unconditional guarantee. Take the whole course and apply what you've learned. If you're not completely delighted one month, six months, or even one year after you've completed the program, drop me a note with the request and I'll issue an immediate refund, no questions asked.